Every year, beautiful bodies

That should be every FOUR years of course, but can’t change it anymore… Damn.

If you’re searching for nice, partially naked bodies to watch without being ashamed about it, just watch the Games. Maybe you watch them especially for the bodies. Either way, here’s a little guide for those who like tasty meat:

The Men:

Watch! Gymnastics. Yes. Especially if you go for the shoulders. Those little suits are really tight and show enough muscles to charm you. Those who dangle at the rings have really impressive shoulders. If you think that is too much, watch the other guys, less muscles but still… Still… Ahh.

Disappointing. Those swimmers are so well-built, but how disappointing to watch them swim! They enter is oversized jackets, goggles and what I call a bath hat. They jump in the water. They swim. You see nothing but their waving arms and their bath hats going up and down and maybe a piece of their back or belly. Only when they get out of the water, the fun starts… Their bodies are AWESOME. Very nice. As we say, a ‘caress for the eye’. But you have to wait until the competition’s over. Timing is everything.

Don’t watch! Equestrian wipes out every difference between men and women. Watch this only if you like horses or androgyny.

Man? Woman? Who will tell?

The Women:

Watch! The obligatory uniform for beach volley is the bikini, plus, they are athletes so they are very streamlined. Nice.

Disappointing. Yes, gymnastic’s area is filled with young girls, but some of them look like children, and their robot moves are not very charming. I mean, they do incredible things, but they lack emotions. A smile on a gymnast’s face is rather unique. Combined with those curt, sharp moves, this is rather disappointing. And those hands… Always so… cramped.


Don’t watch! Swimming women wear bath suits that cover up everything feminine, their shoulders are really muscular… I can imagine that men are most likely to be scared of women who are obviously stronger than they are. So I would not recommend watching these competitions.

Enjoy the Games everyone!

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  1. Every single event has been broadcast live, in HD, across about twenty channels over here. The amount of fine flesh on display has been very impressive so far…!

    I agree about the shoulders for some of the swimmers though, they look insane.

    We got two gold medals today, which was a relief. I was watching the rowing one online, and my Internet went down. By the time I scrambled to watch it on my phone, the race was over.

    • That’s the bad side of all those technical stuff…
      Congrats with your medal!
      On Belgian tv, we see judo and swimming above all… One afternoon was filled with nothing but equestrian… I wished that showed more sports. I want to see everything!

  2. YEAH to beach volleyball, girl! 😀

  3. A gripping life

     /  August 2, 2012

    I think men’s swimming has the best bods for guys and volleyball for women. Of course we’re all giant people in my house so I like girls that are tall. You’re right, it is fun to see the different body types on display.

  4. Ah, sports porn.

  5. I feel like you barely scratched the surface with this one. Very good post idea though. I have a feeling gym membership will go up next month. By November gyms will be empty again.

    I should have tried harder at sports.

    • Yes, then you’d be at the Games now instead of on your computer ;).
      The reason why I can’t judge all sports, is because Belgian tv only shows that f*cking Aquatic Centre.

  6. You nailed this as perfectly as one of those cramped handed women gymnast hitting a 15 point vault.


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