Slightly too late, but still: pie time!

I just got to realise today that I’ve been blogging for over a year now! Which I find a joyful thing actually. One year of sharing my thoughts and passions and overwhelming you with it. Endless posts on music and dance, a handful short stories, a thousand comments. But what has blogging really given me?

* Friends. I consider you to be friends – not the kind you go have a drink with, because of the lack of means, but still, you’re all a part of my life. And some of you are people I’d love to meet in real life, to have a drink with in real life. Really.

* Smiles. It happens quite often that my day’s nothing special, or even annoying, but then I see a nice comment or great post and then you make my day.

* A third place in a competition, a giant book, a nice bag, a great weekend, an amount of friends on Facebook. I won that third place with a story I wrote for this blog, and all the rest was a nice result of winning. I need people to read what I write, that’s the trigger for me to write, and you are the audience that make me type and eventually somehow become what I always wanted to become – a writer.

* The possibility to use my knowledge of English. I still make many, many mistakes, but I believe you all forgive me. I’m but a Dutch speaking girl after all…

* Knowledge about stuff. I can’t give an example right now, but I’m sure at least someone must have written something that made me smarter.

* Self confidence. Nothing boosts your narcissistic side as much as all the positive feedback you get. I loved your comments when I wrote my short stories, or when I was a bit down. You cheered me up. That is always nice.

On the other side, what has blogging taken from me?

*Lots and lots, by which I mean lots of time. Hours and hours, days even, and by now perhaps a month or so.

But that doesn’t really matter. If I couldn’t blog, I would be terribly bored sometimes. You keep me sane! That’s awesome! Maybe I thank you too often, I’m getting so cheesy lately… But here it is, for all of you sweet people (even the tough guys are sweet after all):


I’m heading for another year.

PS: I was just a witness to a fly at its last minutes. Now it’s lying dead next to me. A rather disturbing thought really.

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  1. Congrats on reaching a full year! Here’s to many more. πŸ˜€

  2. Bosh! It’s good to hear that you got some success with one of your stories, they were rather good.

    We am all your bestest friends, forever.


    • BFF ay?
      I still hope to see one of your books (or many of your books) in a book shop so I can buy it/them and then think ‘I knew him before he was such a rock star…’, or even better ‘woah, that’s my my BOFF (best online friend forever)!’

  3. For having English as a 2nd language you do very well. Thanks for the blog, love to follow it and know what people are doing on the other side of the world. Congrats on a year, keep it up and thank you.

    • Actually, English is my third language! French is my second, but I don’t use it nearly as often as English.
      Thank you very, very much for your everlasting nice comments, mgert!

  4. Stop lying. You know English better than most people I meet.

    Here’s to continued success! One of us has to make our dreams come true right? So long as we continue to support each other it will happen.

  5. Wow!! I can’t believe how time flies. A one year anniversary is major. Congratulations on always providing great posts – I really enjoy your thoughts, questions, occasional complaints, observations and 18 year old perspective, which to me, is always refreshing and quite beautiful. You have great energy. I love that about you. Hopefully one day you’ll share your first name – I’d like that very much. And yes, you’re one of those people I’d love to meet!
    Have a wonderful evening…

    • Those are kind words, Lisa, thank you!
      You know, before you had a blog, I saw you commenting on various other blogs, and you were funny and kind and I thought ‘I want her to comment on my blog too!’. And see where I am now, you are following me and posting such nice comments and great posts!
      Life’s great :).

  6. Happy Blogiversary, NBI!
    Can’t wait to see what you throw at us over the next year. You speak English like a native (but with less cursing).
    As long as the blogging doesn’t cut too much into the reading or dancing, have at it!

    • oh, and PIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!

    • Haha, my mother doesn’t like it when I curse :). Plus: the native Belgian curses are way cooler than ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’, but they are a bit… local.
      Blogging is one of the hobbies, but those hobbies all get the time they deserve!
      By the way, I like that word, blogiversary. Do you have copyright, or can I steal it?

      • Of course! But it isn’t my credit because I have no idea who I stole it from first…

  7. Happy Birthday!! I’d like to join the party. You are a pleasure to read and I’m excited to find your blog. I’m goind now so I can get back to reading your blog!

    • Join in! It’s all for free, and I must say, you can meet lots of great people here! Hopefully you’ll enjoy my blog, and if not, just take a piece of pie and try out the other blogs!

  8. How fun! One whole year of blogging! And you can always have pie for your blogiversary day, week or month. ALWAYS.

  9. Congratulations! You started around the same time I did, I think. I might have started in September though. Still, it’s weird that we found each other and that we’ve been reading each other’s thoughts for a whole year. I bet we know more about each other than a lot of other people πŸ˜‰

    You should keep blogging! Your English has improved immensely. I never see any mistakes! Good for you!

    • I was really convinced that my vocabulary and grammar failed at times, by which I mean, quite often. But all of you tell me it’s not so bad at all :). I’ll believe you!

      Haha, that’s weird indeed! I like(d) reading your thoughts! I’ve got no idea how I ended up on your blog. Maybe you commented on Michael’s blog or something, it might be there I found you. But you are the first and only person who used the word oxymoron in real life, so we were destined to become blog friends :D.

  10. I’ve only been blogging for a few short months and already it is an addiction. I hope I’m still around after a year and that i still have people willing to read my nonsense! Congrats to you!

    • Thanks! Yes, blogging is as addicting as drugs or something. Years go by fast, so you just need a bit perseverance and you will be around like forever! πŸ˜‰

  11. jakesprinter

     /  August 24, 2012

    It`s your day πŸ™‚

  12. Congrats. More than a year – you go, girl.

    I wish I could celebrate with you eating cake. Lots of cake.

    It’s refreshing to know your blog keeps you sane. Mine has the same effect on me. This is why there are two people less in mental asylums. I’d totally state that i am Cleopatra, fyi. You could be Napoleon if you want??

    Anywho – congrats. You are freaking awesome. Like super totally awesome.

    • Thankyouthankyouthankyou Edita. I’ll bring a cake to the picnic, okay? Promised.
      Haha, Cleopatra ay? Good choice. I’d probably go for Catherine from Wuthering Heights or something like that. Someone with an overly vivacious life, you know.
      I do believe though that we would have a great time together in a mental asylum :). Especially when stating to be someone else… And with enough cake around, of course. Unfortunately, they won’t let us have kalashnikovs I’m afraid… πŸ˜‰

  13. Time does fly, except for the fly–for it, well, time stopped. Still, it’s been great fun following your adventures and I look forward to your further forays into the world. You speak more than one language! I’m so impressed! I barely speak human!!


    • Haha, I adore your comment, Addie! You’re definitely one of the people I really wanted to be friends with, one of the people that made blogging even more fun! Thanks so much, and hugs back!

  14. Congrats on your blog-a-versary!

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