Blogrolls are forever

As an official contestant in Le Clown’s contest, I’m having a great time doing my best to get on that damn blogroll of him! I’m not the only one trying to achieve this, so that adds to the fun. Thanks to the fellow bloggers who were so kind to give me a like, thanks to L&L to accept my team offer (we’ll be beating up the entire zombie community together!), thanks to my new followers, of which a few must have found me thanks to Le Clown.

So, Clown, thanks to you as well.

I mean, you can feel it in the air somehow. Everyone’s eager to participate or help fellow bloggers and I have been patiently waiting all day until I could take over the computer. And man alive, never have I ever had so many notifications! (Though one time, I pressed the ‘unread’ button, as a joke, and there were in fact a few unread notifications! I had never known they were there all the time! It shocked me.)

I’m preparing myself to battle on, and as I promised, I will do a post on reasons why I’ll be useful in case of a giant zombie attack. You have my word!

O, and if you help me to get on that blogroll, I will rescue you during the zombie attack! That’s a promise as well. (You can go here for support, or give this challenge a try yourself – it’s permitted to donate your noses to someone else (me?) ! )

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  1. Le Clown

     /  August 30, 2012

    You’re doing a great job. I do want you to get on there…
    Le Clown

    • Dear Clown,

      Thank you! I must say that even if I don’t end up there, on that golden spot, I will at least have had all the fun!
      But that doesn’t mean I won’t do any effort to get there. I will keep fighting!

  2. May the giant red nose of happiness settle upon your blog!

    • That is so poetic! You keep impressing me, Guapo. If I ever make a blogroll, you’ll be on it!

      • Why thank you! I just like coming around here. You have a great blog-perspective (blogspective? perblogtive?)

      • Once more I’d like to show my gratitude to you! Unfortunately I ran out of pie, but ask whatever you want and I’ll see what I can do. (Virtual chocolate has been big business for me already!)

        You are so awesome, and the fact you like my humble blog makes me so happy!!

      • NO MORE PIE?!?
        Oh well. I guess my only request then is that you keep on doin what you do!

        (or get more pie)
        (either one)
        (or both)
        (yeah, both would be good)

      • I’ll do my best to get more pie here! You know what to do to have more – help me to get onto the blogroll, and further on just be your great self!

  3. Good Luck, NBI!!! Keep up the good work!

  4. You should definitely be on the blogroll! I would strongly suggest playing the international card next, as I bet Le Clown has no Belgian bloggers on his blogroll. (Oh, and you might want to downplay any association with me since I told Le Clown he was zombie food…)

    • Oh, that is brilliant, thanks for the tip, L&L!
      Haha, why have you told him that? Maybe we can tell him that if he puts us on the blogroll, we’ll save him from the zombies? I mean, such an offer can’t be ignored, right?

      • I don’t know why I said that. Le Clown has been known to provoke… You can absolutely have my noses, but I’m going to try to win a few more before I gift them over. Oh, and there really is zombie bling over on my blog. It turns out making zombie bling is oddly enjoyable!

      • No no, you have to keep fighting for your place, I wouldn’t want you to miss that spot because of me…!
        But of course I appreciate your kind words!

        Zombies are just awesome. Or at least, we’re awesome at killing them ;). (Can you kill zombies though? I’m not sure – you?)

  5. So wait, are you on Team Edward or the other guy? Frank right? The werewolf was named Frank.

    Best of luck! What do I have to do to help? I’ll be your manager if you need me to be. It’ll probably secure your loss but at least someone else will take part of the beating.

    • Sometimes, you are far too ingenious and that is why I don’t really get the Team Edward thing… I’m sorry for my stupidity, Moose. Accept my humble regret and explain this poor soul what you mean, please.

      Woohoo, a manager! I’d suggest you click on the links in my last sentence, you might want to try the challenge as well and donate your noses to me. If not, you can also blackmail Le Clown or something. I’m sure you’ll find a something to do! 😉

      • Isn’t there a Burger King collectable cup thing about Team Edward and Team Whoever The Other Douche Is? It’s a Twilight thing. Did your country avoid the phenomenon?

      • No, we were equally as much affected as all the others… But I just missed the link with my post.

  6. I have absolutely no idea why exactly, but I want to be on that Clown’s blog roll. The blog roll. Of a Clown. But I want it! Good luck to you. I think it’s gonna get cutthroat Friday. Maybe there will be a contest where they decide which of us to throw off the life raft? Or we’ll get one of those immunity roses. Or have to leave the island. I just don’t know.

    • Neither do I know why exactly I want to be there, but as soon as it became a battle, I decided I’d give my life just to get on there!
      I don’t know either, all I know is that it’s exciting, and slightly frightening (I mean, it’s a clown, and clowns are a bit freaky), but right now I’d do anything for that precious place on THE blogroll!

      Thanks for stopping by, Alice!

  7. Wow…good strategy! Impressive. I wonder what le Clown has in stall today!


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