Saturday night? Let’s watch The Tudors!

Yesterday, Saturday, a friend of mine celebrated her anniversary. We went to a rather small party with good music every now and then (a nice difference with all the parties without any good song at all). In the middle of our group, we had made a huddle of bags and jackets, because it was too annoying to dance with. The entire evening we have been preventing people to step on our huddle. Imagine four girls (mostly at least one was gone for a drink or something) all of sudden stretching out their arms to block your way. That were we.
So it was a fairly good party, but then, all of sudden, I thought: ‘Oh-oh, The Tudors will be recording tonight, right? Right?’ And then: ‘Oh yes, it’s automatically recorded since last season’. Relief.

Yes, that is what I thought. Because I don’t want to miss a single episode of The Tudors. I’m hooked! And believe me, missing one episode means you can’t understand any further political/emotional development. But above all I’m just a great Tudors fan. That’s a confession.
For those who don’t know The Tudors, it’s a quite recent British series on King Henry VIII and all of his wifes. It’s hard to keep understanding who’s who, who f*cks who, who’s catholic etc. But if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with dresses that are stunningly beautiful, with a small political background, and even some good music every now and then.

Queen Catherine of Aragon

My father and I have been watching it since the first episode and we are persevering like a sir. We have to watch all episodes together, because mostly I do understand what’s going on more or less, and I need to clear some stuff out during a conversation or decapitation. Lots of decapitations, by the way. It’s hard to believe that people at the court at that time could die a natural death. The best way to commit suicide back then must have been marrying Henry. Or being catholic. Or being reformed. Or having looked at someone the wrong way. Something like that. Especially during the third season, plenty of people have been killed. Like that, every season has its own trademark. The fourth season, currently running here, is all about Queen Katherine Howard and her childish and porn-like behaviour.

Queen Katherine Howard, dancing, something she does most of the time, next to giggling.

None of my friends watches this series, so I couldn’t discuss with them on which wife is the best. Luckily there’s Internet, there’s YouTube and look! Everyone seems to be talking about Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour and Katherine (three of his wifes were called Katherine)! Hot topic! My father and I have always liked Catherine of Aragon for her solemnity and dignity. Anne Boleyn was the fury, the seductive and tempting one. Jane Seymour on the other hand was calm and peaceful. Unfortunately she wasn’t played by the same person in season 1 and 2. I liked the second one the most, and her music theme is incredibly beautiful and touching. Anne of Cleves wasn’t his wife for a long time, she was nice but quite insignificant. In Belgium, Katherine Howard is ruling now. She’s so childish and annoying… Giggling is her hobby. One more to go… For now, I’m in team Jane and team Katherine of Aragon, and I wonder if Catherine Parr, the last wife, will change that.

As I said, sometimes they use great music. I was really touched at the death of Jane Seymour, especially in combination with the music. Here it is, enjoy and be touched.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to watch this series and I never have. Thanks for the recommend. I love reading about this time period and I always watch every movie that comes out on this topic. Have you ever seen “Anne of a Thousand Days?” I think you’d love it. Also, “Lady Jane” is another good one.

    • I am obsessed with medieval crap and the Tudors especially. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Anne and the Jane ones. The HBO one is about a little history and a lot of hot intrigue in medieval costume. The costumes are beautiful, the people are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, and they do actually use some historic buildings and places. Of course it’s hard to find someone to cheer for because they almost all of them are mean and nasty, lol. It’s fun, though.

      • Yeah, I think the Tudors would be right up my alley. I’ve gotta get with the program and start watching. I love this stuff and then if you add in the “Hot intrigue” well, it just makes it that much better. Did you ever read, “Pillars of the Earth?” It’s a great escape.

      • I haven’t, but isn’t there a show based on that? Or am I mixing it up with something else?

      • Somebody tried to make it into a mini series but it was awful.

    • It seems like I haven’t seen all the good movies… I haven’t seen those, but I’m still young, plenty of time to watch them :).
      I like this period as well. Very different, but at the same time right the same. People never really change, but fashion does, and me like!

  2. Tried a couple of times but never managed to get hooked. I probably always switched in when there where heavy-to-digest scenes. So I decided it’s not for me. Not even Jonathan Rhys Meyers managed to drag me in – and he is a extremely good actor (never mind easy on the eye)

    • I admit that it you really have to love it, otherwise it’s impossible to keep on watching. As I said, you need lots of perseverance :). It helps if you are really interested too of course. I couldn’t help being hooked, I just was…

  3. Addie

     /  September 16, 2012

    I watched this when it was on HBO (I think it was HBO), and, my only complaint was Henry never aged nor became gross, as he was in real life. I mean, Catherine Howard would have swooned at the TV Henry–the real one was grossly overweight and had an ulcerous leg and well, would have totally icked out a teenager.

    It’s a great series, though, bringing in the power of Woolsey and all the others, and, how one man changed a nation in the name of lust.

  4. How historically accurate is it?
    I think that originally was an HBO (premium cable) show,and the unedited version was R-rated.
    Might make for uncomfortable viewing with your dad though….

    • Yeah, there’s a lot of sex and nudity. And beheading. There might be slightly more sex than beheading, but it’s hard to tell. It does take liberties with the history, but it keeps to most of the basics (Henry really did marry six times, the wives really did die the way they are portrayed to, etc). Mostly it’s just hot people in beautiful clothing screwing each other (literally) while also screwing each other over. Sort of like a medieval Dallas.

    • Haha, it does contain a lot of sex (at one point Katherine Howard is screaming ‘fuck me!’ and the bed is creaking – like a porn parody…) but well, it’s never that uncomfortable. As a teenager of my century, you get used to watch sex on tv with other people around ;). But I do understand that it’s R-rated…!
      I read somewhere that it isn’t always historically accurate. The truth must get out of the way for the drama I guess. It shows how things went back then, but for facts you should take a history book…

  5. I loved this series. I own all four seasons. Yes, Henry is eye candy, but he sure is a bastard. Also his friend Charles is hot, and unlike him he at least seems to grow a conscience later on in the series. The teenage wife is really a twit, isn’t she?

    Catherine was my favorite – I love her dignity and her way of saying “F**k off” to Henry and Woolsey when they try to get her to renounce her title. Also Anne – wow, that actress is so perfect – that naughty gleam in her eye. You still have to feel a little sorry for her – after all her dad freaking pimped her out. Sheesh, thanks, Dad.

    • As Catherine being one of my favourites, I had a hard time liking Anne, but she was played very well for sure. She had fire, courage, and she must have loved Henry somehow, seeing her last words. But she also did everything to make Catherine and Mary suffer. You’re right though that in the end she was pitiable. Having done everything to marry Henry, and then being thrown away like rubbish… Even by your own dad. Asshole.

      • That’s what’s so sad about it. Yeah, Anne was a bitch, but society created her that way. Her father pushed her to Henry, put all that pressure on her to bring their family up in status. And she’d seen her sister get tossed aside already, so she knew she’d better try something better. Poor Mary had been cheated on who knows how many times, but never by someone with that determination.

        Henry was so fickle she was threatened by Catherine and Mary, but it was awful what she did to them. Another sad thing is that even today, they pit women against each other, or women do it to themselves. Instead of going after the man that screwed them, they go after the woman they left them for, or something like that. It’s nuts.

  6. I’ve heard of the show but never once heard anyone mention it. Time period pieces on HBO/Showtime don’t seem to ever do as good as more modern ones it seems.

    I knew a Korean kid named Chris Tudor when I was younger. I’m hoping he makes a cameo.

    • After watching this series, I don’t know if you’re still proud of having such a name :).
      I don’t think The Tudors is really popular here, or maybe just not for my age… Luckily I can talk about it with you!

  7. You have NO idea how much I love the Tudors. Problem is that the boyf hated the series and kept falling asleep. So my Tudor spree was short lived.


  8. thegeekyg4mer

     /  July 15, 2013

    Ahh the Tudors was amazing! I loved it, and couldn’t wait for the 7 days to pass till I could see the next one. In fact I loved it so much I bought three of the soundtracks!! The music is amazing. I
    t’s on Lovefilm now and I am hoping soon to start watching them all over again to catch all the little bits I missed 🙂

    • Yay, another fan! Join the club!
      Here, they have started to broadcast it again, every day of the week, but at midnight. I still record one episode every once in a while, just for the fun of it. Now we’ve got a better tv we can the clothes and everything way better, which makes The Tudors even more delicious…

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