Crossing the edge (part 2)

You’d better read  part 1 if you want to understand this… By the way, I changed the guy’s name to Nick. Just so you don’t get confused.

After some random babbling, I asked him the question he could have expected. “Why are you doing this?”
“Cleaning up the kitchen floor?” he responded. I couldn’t figure out whether he was joking or bloody serious.
“Robbing this bank of course.”
“We all need money.”
“Plenty of ways to earn money in a rightful way”, I said bitingly. After all this situation was too unpleasant to remain friendly. He even looked a bit hurt after my words.
“You are young, you might still believe in good people and unicorns and stuff”, he answered almost as curtly as I. He turned away, dropping the glass in the waste bin.
“You didn’t answer me. Why are you doing this?”
“We’re doing this because it turned out to be the only way of securing a good life.” He seemed to be still hurt, somewhat, or disordered perhaps.
“What happened to you then?”
“To me?”
“I tried to find decent work, but I’ve been in jail for robbery and no one trusted me anymore. I couldn’t earn money in such an easy way. How do they think I’ll find money then? They give me no choice.”
Well, he actually had a point there so I shut my mouth.
After all I couldn’t make him angry. I had seen his face, it was way too dangerous to freak him out. Luckily he didn’t seem to be resentful.

As we hadn’t hurried, a few hours had passed when we were finished. A few other robbers walked in and out and didn’t seem to care that I could see their faces. Forage caps or no forage caps, they didn’t mind. I won’t say they were all friendly. One of them even took me by the arms and said: “What are you doing here?”
“Nothing”, I murmured.
“Nothing? Are you Nick’s slave or something?”
The way he said that, had something really offending. I turned away my head, but I couldn’t get away. He was way too strong.
“Perhaps you are here to entertain us, puppet?” he asked with this creepy evil grin on his face. He pulled me closer, despite my efforts to push him away.
“Don’t fight me off, puppet, entertain me!”
“Let me go!” I said.
“No, I won’t. You have to deserve your place here.”
The closer he came, the more I tried to hurt him, but it was impossible. I didn’t see Nick anywhere; where had he gone? Why wasn’t he here to help me? Would he help me anyway? I got scared, really scared. I could smell that bastard, I could almost feel his stubbly beard…
“Let her go.”
Nick’s weary voice. I felt relief, but I still couldn’t free myself.
“Let her go!”
With a lot of anger, or resentment, or whatever, he let go. I recoiled in disgust, straight into Nick’s arms.
“Come with me, sweet girl.”
We walked away, to someone’s office where we were alone. We sat on the floor together, leaning against the desk.
“I was right after all. You did in fact have to save me.”
“It’s my fault”, Nick sighed. “I shouldn’t have taken you here.”
“Thank you”, I whispered.
“For what? For dropping you in a meat grinder?”
I didn’t answer him. He had to go for a few hours, and I should try to feed all robbers. I searched the closets and the fridge, and assembled enough food to give all robbers at least something. There were six of them, all men, and they were all starving. From what I heard, their mission was way harder to accomplish than they had thought. They hadn’t planned on staying in the bank for more than four hours, but they were already robbing for seven. It was dark outside, and I wondered how they were ableto keep the police out.
I divided the food, giving Nick more, and myself a bit too. One of the robbers remarked: “Is this it?”
“I can’t help it, the olive oil was spilt”, I answered. He laughed.
“May I ask something?” I said. The three robbers eating at that point, sitting at the small kitchen table the bank had, watched me with amusement.
“Permission granted”, one of them said.
“How do you succeed in keeping the police out?”
“Well, little girl, it’s all about knowing the right codes, the right things to say.”
“How much longer will you stay here?”
“As long as needed.”
“How long is that?”
But they didn’t know. When they had to leave, they called Nick in, and he entered with an agitated look.
“I’m sorry sweet girl, but I have to do this.”
“Lie down, I’ll have to tie you up. Don’t worry, just lie down.”
I worried of course, I was scared, but I lay down anyway and let him attach me to the desk in such a way I could not escape. Then he left again.

And I lay there.

Every now and then, he came to take a look, but not often. They were gone for hours. I was nearly sleeping, because I had been awake for too long, I had asked too much of myself. But I couldn’t really sleep. It wasn’t comfortable to lied there either. One time, when Nick entered, he said: “I’m having a nap now.” He seemed to be tired in fact. “I can’t let you go yet, you understand that for sure”, he sighed, and lay down.
“Nick, wait”, I whispered. “I have to pee.”
He let me go, said I should return as fast as possible, and I walked away. It was dark everywhere, it was night. I sneaked past many doors, opened a few of them, but I was too scared to face one of the robbers.
All off sudden, I heard someone behind me.

“The toilet is over here.”
I turned around, in shock, a sudden fear. Nick stood there, with tired eyes.
“Please… Don’t try to escape.”

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  1. So she wants to get free, but is also friendly with one of her captors.


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