The Advantages of University

Or rather, the advantages of living in the city of your university. As you know, I have moved to the city where my university lives for five days a week. I live there in a quite old house with creaking stairs, in a room that’s pretty big compared to other rooms. Plus: I’ve got lots of advantages.

Advantage 1: The house is placed at a little square, with almost everything you could imagine needing around: a doctor, a pharmacy, two florists, a nightshop, a bakery, a French fries selling place (is there really no translation for that?),… Two streets further on, we’ve got a shop. Each Wednesday, there’s a market with fresh vegetables and very good waffles and eggs payed per piece, I’ve been told. Awesomeness rating? High.

Advantage 2: From my window, I can see the pharmacy, and this pharmacy has this cross attached to their wall. This cross lightens when the pharmacy is opened, and shows the hour and temperature. Very useful, because it looks cold and rainy and very winter-like all the time. You wouldn’t think it’s still 18°C. It really looks like trash outside. (I hate that. Just sayin’.)

Advantage 3: This city is not very big, so you can do everything by bike. Yay! Driving my bike for ten minutes is an improvement: last years, I always had to drive at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Advantage 4: There are no parents around, there are not so many freaky people around, so if I decide that Tuesday night is the perfect night to have a drink with friends, I can just leave and have a drink with friends! I don’t have to arrange stuff to not drive alone. Here, at home, we live nearby a city that is too unsafe to drive around on your little bike alone. I simply don’t dare to do it. But the city where I spend most of my time is filled with students, and it feels safe. Plus: no one will tell me that Tuesday night is not a good night to go out. Everyone does it.

Advantage 5: It’s simply not my narrow-minded home town!

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  1. A gripping Life

     /  October 6, 2012

    Sounds like you’re adjusting beautifully. Good for you! Be happy and enjoy this great time in your life.

  2. Drinks with friends? That’ll be the start of an addiction to cheap cider, then.

  3. How was your town narrow minded? American Universities are represented as open minded but they’re either extreme in one way of thinking or the other. Find somewhere in the middle.

    • In my home town everyone looks the same, because if you’re not like the others, you’re a freak. You don’t talk to other people just because you like to. In the city of my university, the amount of spontane conversations and friendly people is way higher…

  4. Oh I miss my University years! I really flourished there because the same as you I moved away from my narrow minded little town! lol Oh and I think the translation your looking for is takeaway. So glad you’re settling in well and if you start to struggle make use of the counsellors that most Uni’s have 🙂 xx

    • It’s a sort of take away, but I think it’s just too typically Belgian to translate in a good way. I’d suggest you all come here to see what I mean ;).
      It’s really different from what my life has been so far, and me like! We’ve got counsellors as well, and that’s a sort of comfort in case things go wrong indeed :).

  5. Addie

     /  October 7, 2012

    Sounds like a delightful place!! I envy you this new beginning, all of the joy of new steps, new adventures, new times. Enjoy each and every moment.

    • It’s indeed a new beginning and I like that very much! I really wanted to be somewhere else, see other people and just live anoher life… I’m surely enjoying it! Thanks Addie!

  6. Sounds like you’re having a great time! The new-found freedom that university gives is an amazing thing. You think in school that you have as much independence as anyone could have, but university offers so much more! Good for you! Your place sounds really nice and cool. I like that everything is nearby and so convenient!

    • Haha, great thing, isn’t it? 🙂
      Yes, it’s quite a lovely place here, and that certainly helps to make this time one of the best times of my life. Next to the most streesful time of course ;).

  7. Glad I got here late – you’re even more enthusiastic in the comments!
    Sounds like you picked the perfect spot to be in for you for now..
    And when you head out in to the world after school, this will be a great primer for that.

    Also, I bet number 5 is the biggest advantage…

    • Actually it is! I’m having a really great time – I should start to study though… But seriously, I best these years will produce some great memories. And great memories make great stories, and great stories are fun…

  8. Google translate suggereert (ipv French fries selling place): frying.
    Als men ‘frituur’ intypt, natuurlijk.

    • No Blog Intended

       /  October 14, 2012

      Ja, ik had het ook al geprobeerd :). Maar culturele verschillen zijn niet zo besteed aan Google Translate…


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