Harmony in my Head

The life of a student is hard. Yesterday, I got home at 4:30 in the morning, to rise at 7:30 again. Ouch. But I had a great night, and I guess that makes up for the yawning and sleepiness…
Anyway, here’s a catchy song that I discovered thanks to Rutabaga. As I am too tired right now to write a decent post, you’ll have to do with this…
(By the way, I still owe you the third part of Crossing the Edge. Help! University takes even more time than blogging!)

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  1. I remember those days! I still pull one of them from time to time, but it’s harder in my 40s.
    Doesn’t stop me from trying though!

    That link is blocked for the US, so here’s another version of that great song

    • No Blog Intended

       /  October 9, 2012

      O, thanks Guapo!
      I’m totally going for the 70’s-80’s sometimes, because mostly this music is just way better… How cool am I ;).

  2. Like a person close to my heart once said: “Edita, you know, this is a good problem to have!”
    That’s what I think about uni – it’s a great, great experience.

    You are awesome, t’is all.


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