The Edita Edition

Sometimes, when sitting in a bus or when working, you see someone passing by with a face that reminds you of someone else. Like, really hard. You wonder if they’re family or something. Perhaps some people just share some facial characteristics. Possibly. Other times, you talk to someone and find out that they are very similar to you – but in another way. You discover that you both like the same stuff. When this happens, I’m always a bit stunned. Isn’t it weird how some people seem to have so much in common with you – though they live somewhere else?

For me, one of those people is Edita. Of course it’s a bit swanky to compare yourself to such a beautiful and nice girl :). But still, Edita and I have quite a lot in common. She’s a Lithuanian beauty who currently lives in London. (Obviously, that’s not what we’ve got in common!) Next to that, I found out she’s fluent in Russian and Polish – the languages I’m learning right now… Coincidence? I think not. She might look innocent and sweet, but don’t be fooled: she’s one of the people who understands my Kalashnikov jokes. And that is a bonus for sure. People compare her to a black widow. Don’t be fooled by her looks…

Because her looks can easily fool you. She hasn’t got one face, but much like a diamond (cornycornycorny) she’s got a lot of facets. One day she’ll be sporty, the next day she’ll be incredibly elegant. Whenever she post pictures of herself she surprises me – how many more sides of yourself can you reveal, Edita? Is there no limit to your ‘renewal’? It’s incredible.

This post is a sort of prize, in fact, but I actually wanted to this anyway. There are many bloggers who deserve a post about them, but not many of them are like Edita. Not many people combine beauty and brains and humour like that. Pret A Reporter isn’t just a fashion blog and Edita is no fashion victim. If that was true, I wouldn’t be writing a post about her.

Fashion can be fun, but just like me (time for some self-confidence, right? πŸ˜‰ ) she doesn’t just follow the fashion rules. No, Edita rules fashion. In a very amusing way. With every post, she creates a new world, with its very own light, clothes and everything. Props to the photographer as well!

I’d love to go to London and have a chat with the bloggers who live there – and she’s on my list as well!

PS: sorry for me being so corny. I always become corny when talking about her – perhaps because we’re more or less friends…?

PPs: all pictures are stolen from her site, and are her ownership!!

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  1. Whenever I see someone who looks like me, I remember that my grandfather traveled the world with the Marines… and without my Grandmother to keep him in line.

    P.S. Going to have to check out her site!

    • No Blog Intended

       /  October 14, 2012

      Eeegh, that’s a scary thought :). WHat if you’ve got like a bunch of family members walking around on this planet? Or even better, on other planets as well?

      Stuff to think about.

  2. Attempt number two to comment…. *still faints*

  3. “Isn’t it weird how some people seem to have so much in common with you – though they live somewhere else?”

    And you wouldn’t even know about such a person, had it not been for the bloggersphere!

    It’s true, I feel like we have loads of things in common including how we perceive life in general. I used to have a blog just like yours before going to uni, I then quit it as I moved to a different country and needed to learn a lot of new things.

    I hope you never, ever stop blogging as this site is great autobiography book potential – that is as soon as you become a well known linguist, translator to the presidents etc πŸ™‚

    One day, I hope, we will all discover the name of the amazing person behind NBI πŸ™‚

    • No Blog Intended

       /  October 14, 2012

      Hopefully you haven’t hurt yourself when fainting?

      You only moved a few years ago then? The combination of studies and blogging is quite hard in fact. I’ve got no more time left if I do all my homework and go out every now and then… But I won’t complain, as it is fun here!

      And shshshsh, I’m going to tell you a secret….
      … my name is Astrid.

      • Is your name really Astrid? My real name starts with an A too, but I’m a coward and so I go with Alice. Oh, and I’m waiting for your freshly pressed notice cause lookie, pictures! Pretty pictures! I like them.

      • No Blog Intended

         /  October 15, 2012

        Yes, it is :). Come one Alice, just tell, I won’t tell anyone ;). I like Alice, it’s a great name. But there’s no name like your real name!

      • aliceatwonderland

         /  October 15, 2012

        A my name is Amy. πŸ™‚

      • No Blog Intended

         /  October 16, 2012

        Well done *applauses*. Beautiful name as well. Join this club of A-people ;).

  4. I once met my doppelganger. People referred to him as my evil twin… they weren’t entirely wrong…

    • No Blog Intended

       /  October 15, 2012

      Ooh… That sounds as a great story for a blogpost :D. What happened?

  5. I wish I could meet my blog friends in person.

  6. Thank you for the introduction to Edita.
    A great write up! Going to have to check out her site now…

    • No Blog Intended

       /  October 16, 2012

      She’s absolutely wonderful, totally worth checking out :).

  7. Speaking of “A” people, I had the potential once to be an “A” person. My mum wanted to name me Agatha, my father was sooo against (who knows why?) and decided on Edita.

    Both Astrid and Amy are beautiful names and should be manifested more often!

    • Since a few weeks, I’m surrounded by a bunch of Astrids… I prefer to be unique actually :).
      Edita is a nice name as well, but such a pity it doesn’t start with an A…. πŸ˜‰

      • Ha – An NBI/Astrid by any name would smell as unique.

        Wow, that’s quite possibly the bizarrest comment I’ve ever left on a post…
        An NBI/Astrid by any name would be as unique.
        There, that’s better.

      • Aww, thanks, Guapo :). It was indeed a bit weird when I started reading, but I knew you meant it well.
        But remember: I want to protect my privacy, so don’t tell anyone that’s my name… πŸ˜‰

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