Broken Down Time

Let me tell you what happens when your watch breaks down:

You have no clue at all about what time it is.

You stay where you are for too long, because you have no clue of what time it is.

You accompany a friend.

It’s too dark because the windows are blinded.

You stay too long, because even if you had a watch, it wouldn’t be light enough to see it.

Daylight blinds you when you leave.

You don’t do as much useful things as you wanted to, because you haven’t had enough sleep – you didn’t know it was time to go to bed.

And two days later on, you do more or less exactly the same.


It’s time to have my watch repaired…

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  1. Don’t you have a cell phone or a microwave to tell the time on?

  2. I have a pretty good sense of time. If someone asks, I am usually correct to within about 15 minutes – and I don’t even have to look at a watch. I AM AMAZING. Now if only I could work that into my stage show, I’d be phenomenal.


    My dearest Belgian waffle, I need to ask you a favour. Would it be OK to email you? As a teenage girl, you are my target audience for something, and I would like some advice. If you have the spare time pls let me know. My email is Many thanks.

  3. An analog spring watch (no battery) and two cell phones (work and personal).
    I can’t escape time even when I want to.

  4. Please tell me that was not an actual picture of your watch. haha!
    I usually have no clue what time it is. I’m one of those annoying people, always asking others for the time. I can’t be bothered with a watch. 😉
    Nice post.

    • Luckily, it was only the battery of my watch that has died, and it’s brought back to life again yesterday. Huzzah! 🙂
      Maha, why buying a watch when other people have those, right? 😉

  5. I wrote on my blog some time back, I am not a watch girl… But if there’s gonna be a watch in my outfit – has to be a manly time-teller!

    But time-tellers from my cell phone and iPod and computer are always next to me. This makes me nod to El Guapo’s comment – can’t escape knowing time either…

    Love your post, A. But you already knew that.

    • Thank you Edita :).
      I would love to escape time every now and then. Always, actually. But you can’t always choose, and time goes on…
      I hate it.


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