Bond, old Bond

Some random surfing got me to this video of Solitaire and James bond meeting each other in one of the many Bond films. I did my best to follow the Russian translation, but man alive, it was fast! Anyway, this video is so old and therefore cute…

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  1. I just saw the new Bond, Skyfall. I enjoyed it very much. I like Daniel Craig as the new Bond, he’s really rough and ready. Which actor is your favorite Bond?

    • Well, good question, but I haven’t seen too many Bond films. Somehow I never seem to understand them :D. So, no idea. I guess all of them represent what was expected from them at that time or something…

      • That’s probably true. I agree, sometimes the plots are a little overly complex. Most Bond fans seem to like Sean Connery the best. The least favorite being Roger Moore. His Bond episodes were a little more light hearted and comical. I like Daniel Craig, myself. He seems very real. Best Bond song in my Opinion… well, there are two maybe three; Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney, Nobody Does it Better by Carly Simon and Jack White’s song with Alicia Keys (I forget the name but it’s really good.)
        I know, too much information! haha!

      • Nevermind, that’s what internet’s for ;). I’m searching for those songs right now!

  2. Addie

     /  November 13, 2012

    I’ve always loved the names of the Bond women. I love to imagine the writers trying to come up with new and ‘better’ ones!! ‘Skyfall’ is on my to see list, as I think Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond. (Sorry, Sean!)

    • Hahaha, imagine them thinking of the story too: ‘hmmmm…. What about another car exploding? Or maybe a sex scene? What do you gues think?” 😀

  3. LOL. “The cards say that we will be lovers!” and then she pulls such a LOL face. But having said that, am I the only one noticing his badass cape? Come on, it’s pretty badass.

  4. David Niven, Woody Allen. Best James Bonds ever.

  5. I love old Bond. My favorite are Connery and Pierce Brosnan. However, plot-wise, the Daniel Craig Bond films have been exceptional. Also, he’s my birthday buddy, but that’s a whole separate story…


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