Awarded, but lazy

It’s been a long time ago since I sat in front of the computer and wrote a decent post about an interesting subject or whatever. Could I have foreseen how busy life would get? Probably I should have known better. But okay.
Let me do a Guapo trick now: what’s been going on in the blogosphere? Edita was interviewed, go read it, it’s really worth it. Mistwalker made some great pictures, very intruiging. Mabel made a kick-ass (kick-head?) friend. Go check those out while I survive without posting ;).

I need to thank some people as well. Audrey en Lily have been so kind to give me awards, and that still makes me as happy as a child who gets a biscuit. So thank you thank you thank you! As usually there are rules and everything, but I’m so badass that I will not obey. What seven things could I tell you which you don’t know yet? Well, there are plenty of things in fact. I’ll give it a go.

1. I’m exhausted. Really exhausted. There used to be time when I thought going out until 3 am was exhausting. No I consider 3 am too early to leave already.

2. But it’s not entirely my fault. That’s just what happens when your friends go out such a long time.

3. I will not say I dislike it. Every Thursday I have the greatest time, and Friday I haven’t got any lessons, so that is fun.

4. Right now I’m working on a task for which I have to use the Russian keyboard. Do you have any idea how different that keyboard is from ours? I’d say, imagine qwerty being messed up completely. That’s what I feel like right now.

5. The task isn’t really done yet, but after five sentences I was tired of typing with only one finger.

6. It isn’t a useful task either.

7. I’m running out of songs to listen while doing this kind of stuff! Any recommendations?

I’m way too lazy (and busy) to gather stars or nominate people – you’re ALL nominated because I’m so kind ;).

O, and I fell really hard. Feel free to think of a cool story I can tell to explain the bruises! I was thinking of something mafia related. Or falling of an elephant. Anything! Let your fantasy run wild.

PS: No, I wasn’t drunk.

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  1. Congratulations on more well deserved awards!
    I think you got the bruises diving across the bar to save a pint from falling. truly, a heroic effort!

    Sounds like you’re properly enjoying the college experience.
    And now off to check the links you’ve provided!

    • Thanks to not be mad at me for stealing your idea!
      Oooh, that sounds as something that could even be true! Too much beer is been spilt here. I’d be the one to save them ;). Great idea!

  2. I thought college was supposed to be fun not tiring?

    Congrats on the awards! While you’re out killing yourself in the classroom others are taking note of your blogging achievements.

    • Hahaha, apparently :D. It is fun, somehow, if you forget about the lessons and all the schoolwork. (Let’s say going out is fun there.) (But wait, even when you cut out the parties, it is still tiring as hell.)

      • Enjoy it kiddo! You’ve got the energy for the fun now. You can rest when you’re dead. Grim, but true. Glad to see you’re having a good time at university.

      • Wah, thanks Moose :D. I’m sorry I haven’t been a good reader of yours for the moment. I’ll catch up on you in January.

      • No need to apologize! I’ve been incredibly busy myself, I think a lot of us have. It’s nice having people pop in and out every once in a while.

  3. I’m just glad to hear that you’re having fun out there.

  4. Part of being a college student is being tired all the time. Hard life! Glad you’re having a good time though! You deserve all of the awards! πŸ˜€

  5. Yesss – I know what you speak of in terms od the Russian keyboard. My mum comments in Cyrillic (Russian) on my blog and expects me to reply in Russian as well, except for I don’t have a Russian keyboard here in the UK (I used to on my old laptop though :D) So I totally gave up and use one of those type in latin, get in cyrillic converters πŸ˜€

    Congrats my love for getting the awards – you deserve them all! Uni’s cool, right? πŸ™‚ I believe in a few months time we’ll be typing to each other in Russian/Polish πŸ˜€ x

    • I will try to respond in Polish the next time, should be possible! Yes, on my own laptop, I’ve downloaded a ‘phonetic’ keyboard, which is waaay easier, but I haven’t downloaded it on our so called ‘family computer’. Maybe I should try that though.
      CzeΕ›Δ‡ Edita! πŸ˜‰

      • Czesc kochana πŸ™‚ Jak milo, ze zaraz bedziesz umiala rozmawiac po Polsku – kto wie, moze nawet lepiej niz ja? πŸ˜‰

        If you need me to translate it for ya, lemme know! x

      • Rozumiem trochΔ™… Feel free to translate AND to comment in Polish/ Russian though – it will be fun for me to see if I understand, and hopefully to see I start to understand more every time :D.

  6. you weren’t, but I was… :))

  7. You got the bruises from wrestling bears. Or fending off all your admiring fans. Or lifting a car to rescue a small child who was trapped. Or all of the above.

  8. Okay so I nominated you AGAIN for the same ONE LOVELY BLOG award. Don’t feel that you have to respond again. You DO however have a lovely blog. πŸ™‚


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