And suddenly…

And suddenly, this image appeared…

You registered on 1 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Well well, this definitey amde my day. It was a quite random day. It started out with the first snowflakes falling over here, and after that rain, and then me, on a bike, during the rain. A whole lot of fun indeed. But it’s a great day today. Thank you all for blogging along with me. I’ve spent great moments here already, and it was all so much fun!

Small note: I’m blogging for one year over here, so in fact I’ve been in the blogosphere for over a year. How fast can time go? Incredible. Unbelievable.

Big hugs and some nice gloves to everyone on the Northern part of the Globe.

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  1. I started around February and yours was one of the first blogs I followed. Truly enjoy your posts, and always interesting to see what people are doing around the world. It amazes me that overall the human race has a lot of things in common – no matter where you live. πŸ™‚ Thanks- keep it up!

    • Wow, thank you mgert :D. It it truly wonderful indeed, and I find it great to meet so many awesome people here. You always make blush. Lots of hugs!

  2. Where does time go? It’s good to see that you’re still blogging, a year on πŸ˜‰

  3. At first I thought this must be a mistake, but then I remembered you first started out on the RFB place.

  4. What does RFB mean? And CONGRATS!!!

    Also, what Mgert said is so true. It’s amazing how much people can have in common despite age, distance, and culture….

    • Thanks :). RFB is the blog I used to be at together with a friend, before I decided that my mind needed its own place to fully come alive… To say it in a rather creepy way :).
      Yes, I too agree. It’s awesome!

  5. Well done! And look how far your blog has come in a year’s time? AWESOME!

    Hip hip! HOORAAAAY πŸ™‚

    • I know, it’s been very precious to me and I must admit that going solo was a very good thing to do. This blog has become a part of my life. And you are a part of my life too!

      O dear lord, there’s the corny stuff again :D.

  6. Happy Bloggyversary!!

  7. I’m proud of you NBI! We started close to the same time, remember? We were such a small group back then and now look at you. It’s been a fun ride. Keep up the good work!

    • Yesyes, we were like a clan or something :p. The blogosphere is at our feet now, it’s like an endless opportunity to meet great people.
      You too, and remember that we’re all thinking of you!!
      Hugs, hugs, hugs

  8. Happy Blogday to you!! It’s been fun taking this ride with you!!

  9. One only hopes that you will stay here for a while…
    And of course, congratulations!

  10. Pah! I never got one of these after having been on WP for a year. *pouting*


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