A cigarette, a sunset and a piano

Mostly, I’m quite conservative. Then I go on YouTube and only listen to songs I already know. But every now and then I’ll pick another one, suggested by YouTube, and sometimes this just blows me away. I found the song in this post thanks to that. A few days ago I had the courage again to click on a video I did not know, but I saw it was a Russian guy, so I sort of felt obliged to listen to it.

And o man.

I fell for the music, so fluent and beautiful, and a bit sad perhaps. Or wondering. Something like that. Then I watched the video. The sunset, the cigarette permanently balancing between his lips, the old piano and the birds flying away. His head moving along. An accordeon.

For me this creates the perfect atmosphere to study Russian. This wondering, almost existentialist mood, beauty but sad enough to not cheer you up, it’s just perfect.


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  1. That’s got a very WWII wartime feel about it.

    If you like piano pieces, you might like this one from famed musician Tom Hiel. It’s from the film Swimming with Sharks, and plays right at the end. It marked the first and only time that I happily sat through the entire end credits for a film.

    • Yes, I like it a lot! Good music does indeed make you like the end credits. If I remember well, LOTR did this to me :).
      Thanks for this lovely piece of music, Michael.

  2. Yes!! I love that, too! Good find.

  3. I think without the video, that’s about how I’d have pictured the music…

  4. Le Clown

     /  January 24, 2013

    This is so fucking nice.

  5. Oh yeah I like that a lot. Very melancholy but easy to listen to. I also like his cigarette casually hanging from his mouth. 🙂

  6. This. Is. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

  1. Treasure Hunting # 1: The Hunt for Music | No Blog Intended

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