Dear snow…

First of all, I have to admit I yelled at you, I’ve been angry as hell, cursing and swearing… But understand that you can cause some serious problems and fear. I don’t like falling, but you could have made me do so. That’s why I walk sometimes when you appear. Forgive me for watching you with my most deadly eyes. Because you just made my holiday.

Let me explain. Though you’ve haunted us for two days, you were there, and that quite saved our holiday. University only gives us pathetic beggars seven days to recover from the exhausting hell we’ve been in. Seven days for us hungry dogs to wipe away the memories of stress, frustration, boredom. What’s better to forget everything than running away from everything you know? Leaving it behind for a week. Just to forget and let go and to breathe the freshest air in months.

We ran to the hills. And there were you, extremely white and present (you haven’t left us a single day – only for a few hours). And o dear lord, that feeling, after four long years, of standing on top of a mountain, ready to set off, into the deep. You lay white and lazy in front of us. Dear, dear snow, how on earth could I ever dislike the feeling of speeding down, avoiding piles of snow, avoiding other people, staying upright? After all those years I still don’t know why I like this so much. I tried to figure it out, but you can’t while going down a ski slope. You can’t think of anything. It’s just snow and air and a lift every now and then. Exactly what I needed.

Ahhh, I feel like I haven’t been a part of the ‘real’ world during this week. No internet, no friends, no school. My mind is like a freshly prepared ski slope. In my head I’m still speeding down, I’m still in our cute hotel enjoying great food, I’m still in the ski bus, watching the people I get attached to though I haven’t spoken a single word with them.

Dearest snow, you were great. Now please leave Belgium again – it’s time for some bike riding once more and I still fear falling…

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  1. It snowed a bit near me too. Worst thing that happened to me was stepping in a puddle and getting really wet shoes.

    Sounds like the snow knocked you down more than anyone else. Hang in there, even the lovable Frosty the Snowman died in the end. Snow does go away and then you can dance on its remains.

    • Hmm, that’s not very nice… I feel your pain. Snow is quite okay, but only when I allow it to appear ;). (So not during the day unless I’m inside, not on the roads, not on ski slopes during the day, etc.)
      I like dancing though. Hmm, dancing…

  2. I think it’s safe to say you have a love hate relationship with snow – as do I. I like it for skiing, days off from work/school, and on Christmas. After that, I have no use for it. haha!
    I’m ready for Spring. I need light (oops, I know you like dark. ) and I need warmth. It can’t come soon enough.

    • Very right!
      I like darkness, yes, but I like spring very much as well :). I even bought a very nice t-shirt, but it’s way too cold to wear it already. Plus: mostly when we returned from our skiing holiday (April, mostly) spring appeared. So now I want it to come too :D.

  3. I freaking hate snow. There I said it. As a kid, I thought it was the best thing ever but as an adult I hate it. You know why? Because it prevents me from wearing heels. That’s right.

  4. It’s times like this I like to blame Canada for the cold and snow.
    Don’t wory – they’ll be very polite when you accuse them of doing it deliberately.

  5. You wrote this very beautifully, NBI (or should I call you by your real name here?). I have fallen on snow and ice so many times that I’ve lost count. I have no balance. I hate snow for that reason too. But it is nice other times, and it always sets the scene in winter and holiday time.

    • Call me whatever you want Lily :).
      O, the falling, it swares me so… I’ve got something like a balance, but that didn’t take away the chance of falling while skiing, on my belly, with my arms outstretched and shoving into a pile of snow.
      Class, you know.


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