And suddenly – it’s all bizarre

Leaving at night.

Going out.

Everything’s fine.

Everything’s fun.

And then – all of sudden, a bizarre situation and you’re taking part in it.

Suddenly you’re talking with people you have ignored for two years.

You’re sitting next to someone you haven’t seen for months and other people call you ‘cute’.

You’re offered a cigar while you wait for someone to feel a bit better.

You walk past people, totally ignoring it because you really, really hadn’t seen them, though you almost pushed them out of your way (it was dark…).

Someone suddenly decides to bring you home without any intention.

And that’s not even the entire story behind all of these. How on earth can things end up being so weird? You think you leave for a drink, but you come back with a lot of stories, and stuff to think about. One day, I’ll write a book about it. But first, I have to make sure I do not drown in this massive amount of work I’ve got to do. Dear lord, I’m never going to survive this…


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  1. Welcome to adulthood where friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Enjoy it. You’re just getting started.

  2. The lament of college students everywhere, throughout history.
    It got a lot easier for me to handle after I’d been at it a bit.
    I even managed to learn entire semesters of work in a weekend, because of all the fun I was having,, but please try not to go that far.

    • Dear lord no, I’m already working my ass off to stay upright :). Fun’s okay, but only when you know you can afford it…
      O, and never hesitate to share all the stories, okay? You are a great story teller!

  3. Ah, the journey through frenemies. Good times.


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