Earrings and drama (or rather the absence of both…)

So I’m sitting at home and feeling a bit lost. When nothing really happens, I start to freak out by fear of missing out of something. Where’s the drama? Where’s the doubts? Where are they? I’ve got nothing to tell and that’s just sad. I need more stuff to think and talk about, otherwise I end up like this: doing nothing at all though I’ve got a test coming up, and feeling like this – sort of empty, sort of useless. It’s time for some adventure again. Hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy the sun (it has returned! it has returned!) and my new jeans shirt. I can become incredibly happy because of something like a jeans shirt, because of waking up due to sunlight, because of spending time with friends while enjoying the sun, and so on. I know I shouldn’t want more, but I definitely miss just something going on. Something, just fucking something! And I’m not talking about the regular stuff that is always going on. I’d even prefer doing slightly stupid things over doing nothing at all.

There. I said it. I’d rather be stupid than at home, studying, like I should? Dear lord. I’m such a teenager.

My punk/post-punk/ new wave love has returned full power thanks to my new jeans shirt, which is slightly new wave. I seriously consider getting myself a helix again. I’ve been thinking about this for about two years or something, and I’ll probably keep on thinking about it without any result… Will I regret it? I mean, after all it would be but an earring… There are plenty of other things I could regret, drinking too much, smoking, drugs,… And I’m fairly good at running away from all those things, so maybe I deserve this kind of regret.

Eternal doubts about earrings and a lack of drama. I almost can’t get over the teenageness of this post…! πŸ˜‰


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  1. Not many people can pull off the spikey haired look, but you look utterly marvellous in them.

    Show us a pic of this jeans shirt.

  2. Wanna know a secret? Everybody wants to be a teenager forever and most people sort of are. I’m going through my own melodramatic teenager phase right now. Here’s hoping I snap out of it soon and get back to kicking ass!

    Don’t let yourself be stupid for too long. Take advantage of your youth and the drive and energy you have now.

    • You’ve got that phase now too? It must be something in the air I guess. I’d totally like to be 18 forever, but not like this – this ain’t exciting enough…
      It’s just the fact that I’m too little stupid that makes this so boring :).

      • I think something is indeed going around. I know a lot of people who are in this false consciousness right now where they feel ridiculously not themselves. It’s probably March. We’re still too far away from anything good.

      • That’s true. it’s been such a sunny day, but spring’s still far away… We’ll all have to help each other to survive…

  3. Hey, I’d trade lives with you in a split second. Enjoy your drama free life, better that than something awful. Right? (but yeah, i remember that feeling- I’m just jealous.)

    • Definitely! I know I’m lucky to have this fairly smooth life. But the drama I had so far was not that dramatic, it was enough to occupy my mind and that’s what I’m missing. I don’t want any real drama, that’s true… πŸ™‚

  4. At some point tomorrow (if work allows),I’ll see if I can’t work you up a tale of drama and earrings at Guapo Theater.
    I finally got my last earring at about age 40. It was actually done by a pro,and I still have the hole a few years later!
    Right now, I have a skull and crossbones in, but will probably swap it out for the surfboard soon.

    • Woah, how come everyone is even cooler than I believed? You guys are awesome. I’m already looking forward to that story! I want to know everything about your earrings.

      • Okay, the pingback you just got from me is tfrom the Guapo Playhouse production.
        It’s horrible. Seriously, don’t even read it.
        Lets just chalk it up to “it’s the thought that counts”, and never speak of it again.

        My earring story is a completely different one, the playhouse is just for you.
        And seriously, it’s awful. πŸ˜‰

      • I couldn’t feel much more flattered Guapo :D. Thanks to you I’m not hiding entirely paranoid in a corner of this room.
        I do hope you’ll tell your story once though :).

      • Ha! No paranoia. You just be you. The rest of the world will fall in line.

  5. Reflection on the past, capturing the moment now. It will always happen in your life, Embrace it and enjoy it. Then you can move on. Love you post.

    • By now, I’ve got a little bit drama again (or at least, something going on…) and an earring. I’m perfectly happy πŸ™‚ ;)!

  6. Get it done. The earring I mean. When you are bored of it, take it out. And a full on yes for the denim shirt – I love mine πŸ™‚ x

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