Inexplicable loves

1. Tartan shirts

A few days ago, I was at a party with a guy I had seen once before. He wore a tartan shirt, so I said: “Nice shirt!” He laughed and said: “Thanks – you also said that the first time we met.” “Was it a tartan shirt?” I asked. And have a guess, it was… I can spot them from miles away, and if you’re wearing one, you’ll get complimented by me. That’s for sure. I don’t know why I love tartan so much. That’s what makes it an inexplicable love… I could probably have a wardrobe filled with either black clothes or tartan. In all possible colours (red on top though).

I see you’re wearing tartan. Your personality is irrelevant.

2. Leather jackets

When entering a shop, I always immediately run to the leather jackets when present. I’ve got one (fake leather, that is), and it’s my greatest love. One of my best friends even told me she saw me with that jacket the first time we met, and she immediately liked it. Greatest moment of my life. (More or less.) They are so very cool, they fit with everything, they are sort of badass without being too manly and so on. I’ve got mine for two years now, or something like that, and it’s still a pleasure to wear it. It makes my bike feel like a motor cycle. Aww yeah!

Instant coolness.

3. Violins.

If a song contains violins, there’s hardly any chance I will not like it. It’s one of the most beautiful instruments I can think of, and I’d love to play it, if I could. Obviously I can’t, and my life is filled with too many other things to take lessons. But that’s okay. I’ll just enjoy it in songs and stuff.

4. Earrings

Jewels in general make me drool, but earrings are even worse. That’s why I got myself four places to put one, I guess… You can feel rings too hard, when I wear one I never wear, I feel it for days even when not wearing it. Necklaces can ruin a beautiful T-shirt, or they are disturbing, hanging there. The same for bracelets. But earrings, you have so many earrings and they don’t even have to be expensive, and there’s no reason for them to break, and they can really add something and- oh well, you get my point. I’m very happy I finally had the guts to get my helix… It’s already a part of me. Very fancy.

I couldn’t choose one image, so I give you this awesome duckling instead.

5. The 80s guitar sound

It’s no secret I like 80s music, but there’s also a lot of contemporary music I like starring an 80s guitar. I only realized this when my parents were like ‘sounds very 80s!’. Guitars are ever awesome, but 80s guitars rule them all. I simply can’t resist them… Here are some examples of songs I liked without realizing they sound pretty 80s like: Elephants – Warpaint, R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys, Shewolf – Intergalactic Lovers. They’ve all been showed here already.

What are your inexplicable loves?

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  1. I see you’re wearing tartan. Your personality is irrelevant. <== Brilliant.

    Blues eyes. Three-piece suits (or more accurately, men wearing them). The sound of a violin. The sound of the sea. Edwardian dresses and shoes. Steampunk fashion. Traditional tea cups.

  2. Violins? You are so much more cultured than I could ever be.

    And that pic of the duckling is pretty damn awesome.

  3. Hipster.

    I love how you quickly brush over your embarrassing moment saying the same thing to the same person on different occasions. You could have written about that one moment forever.

    Other than foods or certain things people can do for me (like a friendly smile) there is not much else I really care about. I like zoos. Does that count?

    • Zoos definitely count!
      Hehe yes, it was a different shirt each time, so actually I had the right to tell him he wore a nice shirt, right? I guess he didn’t mind :). It’s just too difficult for me not to say anything about a tartan shirt…

  4. The beach/ocean
    Rob Thomas’ voice
    Old buildings
    Furniture styles such as Cottage, Shabby Chic and Oriental
    Caffe Latte
    Jeans and high heels


     /  April 2, 2013

    LOL @ the guy’s response to your compliment. I think Tartan has grown on me in recent years.


  6. All sounds heavenly, A. Especially when more or less all of your inexplicable loves equal to mine. Although mine expands to jewellery as a whole, not only earrings.
    Tartan shirts are great, as are denim ones, and those stolen from the wardrobes of others.

    80s music is awesome – Iron Maiden and Megadeth among many others being my thrash metal guilty pleasures. I love how people say that i am oh so fashion and don’t look like the metal type. But oh I am. I so am. You get me.

    Violins? Oh yes please. Romantic, nostalgic, melodic… OR can cause ear bleeds if used maliciously 😀

    • I’m not really surprised we share some inexplicable loves :).
      Yesss, Iron Maiden is great. I mostly only know their most famous songs, but still! They’re coming to a festival in Belgium this summer. They must be great to see live…
      The reason people aren’t really surprised to hear I like guitars and stuff is because I wear black like almost all the time. And for most people black means metal, goth, emo, a troubled youth and so on ;).

  7. PS. Didnt mention leather jackets as such seeing as my love for those is self explanatory.

  8. Okay. Philadelphia soul music, the smell of patchouli, the sound of a mandolin, black clothes, the ocean (pick one), a great martini, movies from the 1960’s

  9. Bluegrass music.No idea why,but I love it.
    You should get yourself a tartan shirt to go with your leather jacket and helix!

    • I know! I’ve been searching for a good one already, but somehow shirts don’t easily fit me. I’ve got tartan pants though :D.

  10. I like your loves. Leather jackets, plaid shirts, 80’s guitar tunes. All so sweet. I really like rings. And New wave music. And hmm I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it! I liked this post though. You’re at the best age. I loved fashion (still do) when I was in university. So fun!

    • New wave music YES. Of course ;).
      If you still think of something, don’t hesitate to return here! All of you have such great loves, it’s a pleasure to read :).


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