It was a rather boring and meaningless Wednesday when I got my helix. Just another day. Just because I wanted something to happen, perhaps. Because I wanted the doubts to disappear. I no longer have anything to doubt about, because I’ve got my helix and there’s no turning back. And I like it. It’s something that has become a part of me as soon as I stopped freaking over the fact there would be a hole in my ear forever and fucking ever.
But after that freaking, I got used to it, attached to it. It’s always there, whatever I do, and I like it. No regrets at all.

When I returned home the weekend after I got that new love of mine, I discovered my mother still lived though I got my fourth earring now, and that she had bought a Vogue Netherlands. As I’m quite fond of magazines, I started reading and browsing through it. Suddenly, I bumped into an article on how piercings are very hot right now. Apparently, I read with great pleasure, Chanel introduced the ‘chique piercing’. That means you are allowed to have piercings, but they have to be pearls or diamonds. According to the fashion world, that is. I almost ran up to my mother to show it, such coincidence! Or perhaps it’s no coincidence?

I didn’t know anything about this trend though. I didn’t get my ear pierced because I wanted to be ‘en vogue’ – mostly, I turn away from the mainstream. It’s just another proof of the fact that I’m quite a trendsetter.


I did this before, you know. When I was 13, I stumbled upon a pair of shoes, like these:

I was in serious doubt then, to end up buying them anyways, because they were very cool, obvs. Not even a year after this happened, polka dot became an absolute hype. You would see everyone wearing it. Such coincidence… Not. I mean, I was obviously the hipster here, liking polka dot before it was cool…

The same happened with my leather vest. I needed one, I seriously just needed one to survive, and I knew exactly what it had to look like. After searching a long, long time, and running from the beginning of a street to the end again, I finally found the vest of my dreams. By now, you can’t leave a shop without having seen at least six different leather vests. In every colour, long, short, everything you could imagine and much more.


My point is, if I want or buy something, it’ll probably end up being a trend. So definitely watch me, people. I’m foreseeing all the trends.

Which trends did you foresee? What suddenly became fashion after you had finally bought it? Or are you always following trends instead of ‘causing’ them?

Small note: please do not follow this advice. I want to be unique, and wasn’t really pleased with these things becoming trends after all. And no, I’m not a hipster, okay? Okay. This is just to be sure. Small case of lack of self-esteem. That is.

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  1. You should be flattered that you are ahead of the game. Eventually you will have some style that nobody copycats. Hipsters are the biggest copycats of all.

    I can’t predict any trends myself. People getting lazier and needing more immediate satisfaction? That’s not really what you meant though.

    • I’m sor of flattered indeed. It just hurts my ego, that desperately wants to be unique ;).
      People getting lazier, perhaps you’re right. We’ll see, we’ll see, because the strangest things tend to happen, isn’t it…?

  2. I think it’s time we just all acknowledge the elephant in the room.
    You define cool.
    I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. It comes and goes as a style, but it’s comfortable. And that’s about the only criteria I have.

    • Haha, I’m almost blushing :).
      I agree on the jeans and t-shirt thing. Mostly I too wear trousers (black or jeans) with a t-shirt. It’s easy and it can be very nice looking without being too different.
      Jeans are just always right.

  3. It’s always fun to be a trendsetter! But I would get frustrated if people copied things that I would do or buy. It used to bug me, but then I realized that there was no possible way that I could be the only person who bought a style of clothing or listened to certain music. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I don’t remember which trends I foresaw, but I know that I thought I was prettttty cool back in high school so I probably thought I originated every outfit I wore…haha!

    • Copycats are flattering, but somehow you still don’t want that, hm? Like ‘get off, bitch, it is MY style’. 😉
      I wouldn’t doubt you were beyond cool in high school! You must have been a role model for many!

  4. Love the shoes. They’d go quite well with my red and white polka dots blouse. I hear ya. But since I wear only vintage-inspired stuff, polka dots have always been an essential part of my wardrobe.

    • Those shoes don’t fit me anymore, but if you’d want them, just give a call ;).
      They’re quite cool, still, but I’m not very vintage inspired and therefore they sort of disppeared out of my wardrobe…

  5. I wore vintage in high school, then it became popular, so, I stopped. For the bulk of my adult life I’ve stayed with jeans and went back to vintage jackets. No trendsetter am I.

    • If you were vintage before everyone else, you are a trendsetter, right? Nowadays everyone does it, and it’s getting a bit boring to hear everyone say: “I combine expensive stuff with vintage”. Congrats, you’re absolutely mainstream…
      But you were the first one to do it. That’s cool!


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