Beauty in the breakdown

Perhaps sometimes, you should just close your eyes and forget everything that tells you not to do it.
Just do it.
Let go.
Fuck the world for a little while.
Even though you know it’s stupid. Even though you suspect yourself of having regrets afterwards. But what’s regret anyway? Useless.
It’s probably just a matter of finding out when it’s really such a moment or when it’s just your brain fooling you…

So let go, jump in
Oh well, whatcha waiting for
It’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
So let go, just get in
Oh, it’s so amazing here
It’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown


When do you feel like this? Do you really think there’s beauty in the breakdown?

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  1. Yes. Definitely.
    But whether or not there are regrets depends on what it is you’re saying fuck the world about.
    Skiing beyond my ability and breaking a rib? No regret.
    Cheating on my girl? Well, that’s a different story altogether.

    Good tune!

    • Probably right – there’s like this small border between what’s stupid but fun, and what’s stupid and will make you feel regret.
      This song is my newest love :).

  2. Absolutely! Everybody needs to crash and burn at least one time in their lives. There’s much beauty in raising up from the ashes. Only way people can know how strong they’re really are

    • Agreed! You never know hom much you can actually handle before you’ve really felt it.
      Crashing seems to be way easier than rising up from the ashes, but either way, everything will turn out fine one day… Hopefully :).

  3. “Fuck the world for a little while.”

    Yes! Just let go….

    I tried so hard for many years to control everything. My surroundings, my emotions, the people in my life — the only way I ever became free was to let it all go. I think, in a sick way, that’s why I enjoyed drinking so much. I could let go, I could not care, I could get drunk and blackout and break down. I could say all those things that I couldn’t say when I was sober. It was freeing. Until it wasn’t.

    What I learned was that I didn’t have to drink to have those same freeing moments.
    I could still let go.
    I could still break down.

    And how awesome that you titled your post the same line I picked out as one of the best lines ever. 🙂 Love this.

    • You are right, breaking down can feel good – at the moment itself. But when everything’s over, you mostly only feel the breakdown, and not so much the beauty…
      In the end I let go a bit, not not entirely, in the specific situation I was in at that moment. There is something in me keeping me back, and actually, in most situations that’s the best thing. Drinking makes you lose that limit. That’s why I’m not such a fan of alcohol anymore either…

      I’m glad you have found your way of letting go without alcohol! That’s probably wayyyy better than with alcohol!

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