A mess, a mess, it’s all a mess…

You better leave no traces of whatever you do
Cover it up and pray they won’t know
What you did, what hope grew inside you
There’s a chance it won’t work though

There’s a chance everything will go
And leave you with relief
Or else it will haunt you so
You won’t even know what to believe

Just don’t believe you’ll get out.
You’ll be in for as long as it takes
For everyone to judge, to shout
To not understand ’till it aches

Just don’t believe you’ll get out
The way you want to leave this mess.
Drag it around and then find out
They care about you even less…

My head is about to explode because of all these thoughts. This was just to let go of some of them. I had absolutely no idea what would be coming out when I started writing. It’s not even good, but it’s quite a good insight of my thoughts right now. Everything’s getting a mess. I’m so very sure I’m heading to the end, I’m at the edge, and I wasn’t about to regret it, but somewhere I will regret the fact that it’s all over.
But it isn’t over yet. Some things can’t be turned around. What to do when people start freaking over that? What to do when everything is getting this absolute mess?

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  1. Poor NBI.

    Nothing is ever as bad it seems.

    Is it boy trouble?

    • I’m just sort of in the middle of it all now, and that’s why it bothers me so much…
      Sort of boy trouble indeed, but very, very complicated. It’s about a boy, his friends, my best friend, another friend who’s no longer friend…
      A real mess.

      But thanks for your comment :).

      • Ah, if it’s someone else’s love life then my advice is to try and stay out of it!

        If you get stuck in, no-one will ever thank you for it.

      • That’s sort of the problem – I got stuck in it! Though I think I had nothing to do with it, and everyone agrees with me, but the boy’s ex somehow seems to think I’m guilty or something.
        Plus my own silly ‘lovelife’.
        Enough stuff to whine about atm.

      • Hmmm, I doubt if it matters what you do in this case then. The ex will always view you as a guilty party in one or another. Probably best just to leave them to it.

        And your own love life isn’t silly, it is what it is.

      • I’m glad to see your comments being the voice of reason here. I sort of needed that. So thanks.
        We’ll see what happens. There’ll be awkward situations and everything, but nothing deadly. Probably.

  2. Egad. Between your post, and your conversation with Mr. Cargill, yeah, that sounds like a mess.
    Wish I had something useful to offer, but all I can think is to just be friend for your friends. If they want to talk about it, listen, but don’t act toward anyone else on someone else’s behalf.
    In my own experience, that’ll help you keep yourself intact, and by the end, you might be only the only one with a clear picture.

    Good luck, NBI. Next round’s on me.

    • Thanks for your advice, Guapo. Sooner or later, everything well no longer be a mess, and until that moment, we’ll just see what happens, probably…

      We’ll both survive this cruel month(s) ;).


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