To get me out

Tides may turn, turn the dead end roads within me
Turn back time towards me. Waves of infinity
To wash ashore and leave me be.


Bring hope, give it to the trembling body.
I waited ages for us to meet and lay floating
In my inner desiring sea.


Listen to a conscious voice inside me
Run. Now. Flee.
Don’t watch the tides turn – they trick
Your mind as you trick me.

it’s never. You will survive and see
Overwhelming waves drowning
The certitude that used to be.

Lost within the disarray of my body,
I refuse to obey this. I refuse to comply.
Rather trying to find out cunningly
Whether I’m wasting my time and me.


But there’s ends to everything, you see.
I’ve always known this, supposedly.
Perhaps denied the upcoming, too badly,
Because of your chest and hands and all – manly…

I could turn my back and walk away,
Create this end so viciously.
Going under in my sea, indistinctly.
Putting an order to things again, as it should be.

To get me out.
To get me.



*What you get when you spent an hour reading about literature and poetry. You start to hope that one day, they’ll analyze your writings. You try to write something. You fail at catching what you wanted to catch within these words. But somehow, I’m still a bit proud. I somehow got to say a bit of what I wanted to say.
Reading and understanding’s up to you.*

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  1. Not sure if I get the same meaning out of it you put in, but I thought this was very moving.
    Love the water metaphors.

    • Sometimes, a poem gets better because you can find your own meaning in there. The fact you found this moving is more important than whether you read what I meant or not.

  2. “You start to hope that one day, they’ll analyze your writings.”

    I get you soooo much. I will publish one poem soon which I styled an outfit too. I had the same hopes. Other than that – I love the words here, they flow…

    • I’m looking forward to that! And I’ll try to analyze it somehow ;). (Actually I totally suck at that, but okay.)

      • I looooved analysing poetry, I’d talk crap for hours 😀 :Literature teachers thought i understood….

      • Hahaha, that’s like a huge talent! I’m seriously impressed :D.

  3. I liked this very much. Reading it made me think of relationships I had, bad ones that I didn’t want to end even though they were terrible for me. Nicely done!

    • Thank you!
      I’ve been in such a situation as well – a very, very weird relationship that was obviously not all too good. But it’s harder to have nothing than to have something that causes you to worry.
      And yes, it was one of the things inspiring me to write this.

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