The trees are beautiful green
We’ve already entered May
Then why the hell I ask you
Are the days still f*cking grey?


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  1. It is a bit weird having to put the heating on when it’s almost mid-May.

    I miss the fascists flying around in helicopters trying to enforce their hosepipe bans.

  2. Very good question. It’s still cold here – the never ending winter. I hate it.

  3. Could be worse. I hear it snowed in CAnada this weekend…

  4. A pessimistic viewpoint poem with all the months. Do it.

  5. ha – you sound like you live in London. Grey is the only colour I see here. O – what is that I hear? RAIN!

  6. Ahh yes I hate it outside so much. It’s so dreary and grey. I want to get tan! 😦


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