Sometimes, out of the blue, it can feel like there’s a huge gap between you and someone else. All of sudden you disconnect. Far away. You mostly return and things somehow become normal again. Mostly. But such gaps make me want to run away. They can make things so heavy. Never talk about what’s really going on, it will only take the fun and lightness away. It’s better to rationally look at everything. Don’t cause drama.

I really want to hide.

The best way to hide.

Close your eyes, let things pass, everything will sort itself out. It’s okay to stay away from it until it’s over, right? Avoiding the drama and feelings really seems a good way to deal with what happens. I mean, nothing really happens at the moment, but you get my point – there’s simply no use in being affected by everything. Therefore: hide!

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  1. I prefer to think of it as “pick your battles”. Not everything is worth the examination.
    But some things are…


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