Why my holiday sucks…

– I don’t have a job for this summer.

– So I feel like I can’t do anything fun because everything costs money.

– But everyone is doing fun stuff like festivals and trips abroad.

– My friends go to Poland. POLAND. And I can’t come with them because I have no job. And I’m the one studying Polish. Irony.

– Because I got the mail saying I don’t have a job while I was studying for an exam, I failed it.

– And I have to do it again, but it will take some weeks to find out when exactly.

– Talking to my friends would mean listening to their descriptions of the nice stuff they’ve done and the work they’re doing (which I understand, but it’s too painful to listen to).

– So basically my holiday looks like this: sitting at home and thinking of what a goddamn shitty holiday this is.

Fuck my life.

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  1. Poor, poor, NBI! Won’t somebody please pity the young girl WHO DOESN’T HAVE TO GET UP EARLY EVERY DAY TO GO WORK.

    Yeah, I went there.

    I can PayPal you 3 pounds sterling if you like.

    • Wanna trade? I’ll dress up as you and do your job for about a week, maybe two? That will probably make me change my mind after all about nothaving a job…

  2. Look at the bright side? There’s also other Internet people to commiserate with. If there’s anything that the Internet has in spades, it’s misery!

    • The bright side is the fact that I have plenty of time for blogging, and that cheers me up!
      Thanks for the comment Christopher!

      • Welcome! That’s true! Blogging is free as well!

      • Plus one for the cheapness!

      • Hey, cheap is good! Everything costs too much as it is. Gotta save where you can.

      • The only time I don’t think about how expensive things are is when drinking beer. I don’t save on beer.
        But at other times, I’m always like ‘why does everything cost so much!?’. And still spend the money, yes. But with this feeling of guilt…

      • Right? Cheap beer is nothing to mess with. The most expensive stuff is the stuff that you have to buy! Which leaves no money for the-only-slightly-less-expensive stuff that you actually want to buy.

      • We understand each other.

  3. I hate when a summer flies by and is sucky. Ugh. Just relax. Be thankful you’re not in school. See a movie, read a book and sit in the sun. The grass is always greener on the other side. I’m sure some would envy your summer. just saying.

    • Agreed! Not having money stinks but there are a lot of fun free things to do. Reading, going on a hike, picking up a new hobby, learning to do something new like cook or knit, and like you said, focusing on your blog! You could also volunteer at a hospital, animal shelter, soup kitchen etc. to have something on your resume for the summer. Or you could sleep all day and dream you are doing all the fun things that cost money!

      • Hehe, I could do that, sleeping all day… Reading is the main part of my life, and next to that I try to catch up with Russian and polish so that I won’t get in trouble next year. My aim is to become the best of the class, and then this summer will have had its use after all!

      • That’s a good plan!

    • Luckily we have sun now, so I’ll definitely follow your advice. In about 20 minutes I’m going to the library and take all the books with me and read them all! πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for your comment, Lisa!

  4. Oh how funny. Not really. The thing is, now I understand what you’re going through because basically you’ve described all my summers (except one when I’ve been in Portugal). Ha. I wish I could tell you it will get better, but look at me… I mean you’ve read my post, right? But you know, I’m not a rule πŸ˜‰ And …I’m very pessimistic right now. It will get better!!! Hopefully. Damn it. Have I depressed you? …I’m out.

    • Don’t worry, you haven’t depressed me! (I did that myself πŸ˜‰ ).
      There will come a year we’ll both have a great summer, filled with friends, drinks and good weather. If we believe that very hard, it will come true, right?

  5. In my younger days, I made it a point to be friends with my bartenders.
    I remember one night in particular. I walked in, put a ten dollar bill on the bar and said “This is all I’ve got. I can have three beers and leave a bad tip, or just tip you know, help you restock at the end of the night, and you can take pity on me.”

    Drank all night, had a blast and got home as the sun was rising.

    Good times.
    Sometimes I miss being gainfully unemployed…

    (I’m not recommending this, as I was an amateur alcoholic at the time, but maybe you have a friend with a cool job someplace where you can hang out….)

    • That’s wonderful! What an amazing night that must have been! When you go home while teh sun is rising, you know you had a good time :D.
      I did do some bonding with bartenders, but in a city two hours driving from here. But maybe, there’s still a chance, I can do this as well!

  6. Make new friends in the same situation as you. They’re out there, just hard to find sometimes. When you’re young it’s hard to tell people to piss off when they brag about how much money their parents have to send them away. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy yourself in life. Until then hope that your least favorite friend gets kidnapped in Poland and their job opens up and you can take it.

    • Hahaha, okay, score for the kidnapping!!
      Luckily I’ve still got a few other friends to whom I can whine about my shitty summer, and they don’t mind (that hard). And I’ve got you guys. So me is still quite lucky after all! To find people in the same situation will be pretty ahrd as they probably hide inside their houses just like I do… But who knows, perhaps some god will have pity and everything will turn out right!

  7. Relish life. Take naps. Store sunshine and quiet times. Read. Write. Take naps. Enjoy who you are. X

  8. I hate that feeling. Feeling useless while everyone else is busy living life and having fun. Don’t worry. Enjoy the simple things. Are you living with your parents over the summer? Try to do stuff for them for a little extra cash. Or maybe volunteer? Sometimes it sucks because you don’t get paid, but it looks good on resumes/CVs. πŸ˜€

    • You’re so sneaky Lily! Shouldn’t you do volunteer jobs because you want to be a good human? πŸ˜‰ (But I totally get you, it looks very good.)
      Yes, I’m living with them and they might give me a little extra money because I more or less run the house here. More or less…

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