Greek Goddessing, or the Day NBI Bought a Dress…

… And it wasn’t a black one! Can you imagine? I’ve got seven black dresses, two that have a print, but are still somewhat black, and now I’ve got one for the summer that’s entirely colour. Because of a good saleswoman, I also bought a necklace and sandals that go with the dress. And now people are telling me I look like a Greek goddess. Hey, there are worse things to hear, believe me. Apparently, I have a Greek nose as well. I disagree, as I don’t like my nose and it’s definitely not as beautiful as the noses of those ancient statues, but at least I get to wear clothes, and they are being stared at the entire day while they are naked.

I found the term ‘Greek goddess’ a bit too vague though, so after a little brainstorming I decided that there are a few goddesses I would want to be:


* Terpsichore. She’s the Muse of dance, so I guess you can figure out why I choose her. Not that the dress gives enough freedom to really dance, but it makes your walk more… feminine? Dance-like? Either way, this would be my absolute dream job, being the goddess of dance.

*Artemis. She’s got a bow and arrows. Enough said! I don’t really like hunting though. But she’s brave, you know, she can stand up for herself. Which is pretty emancipated. And that’s great. She’s also the goddess of the moon, and let’s face it: the moon is more interesting than the sun. Next to that, she seems to be quite hateful. We’ve all been told we should forgive and forget, but those are the two hardest things to do when someone hurt you. And sometimes, you just want to sent a psychological arrow their way. Peng. Her pet is a doe. Her awesomeness is great.

*Persephone. However much she disliked being kidnapped and brought to the Underworld, she does get to see both sides of the world. The best of both worlds, right? As someone with an almost split personality, this would fit me. Plus: think of all the depressing poems and short stories you could write about the underworld… Oh my. Plus: she was worth kidnapping – flattering somehow… If not for her being kidnapped, we wouldn’t have seasons. Okay, everyone is always whining about how cold/hot/rainy it is, but imagine not having seasons: you wouldn’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. But you never lose it because there’s never change… It’s incredibly hot

“Nooooh!” – Persephone being kidnapped.

up here right now, but after such a long winter, I’m glad we now have something different. So thank you Hades for kidnapping the innocent Persephone!

If all this wouldn’t work out, I would be very pleased with being a Siren. Once I wrote a paper on them, and since then I’m hooked. They aren’t supposed to be very pretty, or birds, or fish, but they are haunting and intriguing. Their hobby is singing and by that killing sailors. I have no intention of killing anyone, but I wouldn’t mind being intriguing. It would make up for the chatterbox I mostly am against my will.
One of the best parts of Greek mythology is the great names. They are exotic and musical. Being a Siren does mean not having a name. But you can call me ‘Syrena’ of course *wink*.

Which god or goddess would you want to be and why?

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  1. You’re like a siren already, what with your intriguing blog posts drawing us all in like foolish sailors. Good job that the Internet is safer than the sea, eh?

    I’d like to be the God of Sandwiches. Everyone likes a nice sandwich, no matter what the weather is like, so I’d be a well-worshipped deity. It always annoys me when I see people put crisps in their sandwich, so I’d strike them down with a giant jar of mayonnaise if I was powerful enough.

    • Oh stop it you… *blushes*

      Crisps on a sandwich? Jeeze, I’ll give you every jar of mayonnaise I find to hunt them down! And then build you a statue. You’re by fa the most original god I could think of.

  2. If you rolled all the goddesses together and gave them great taste in music, that would probably be you.

    I wouldn’t mind being the God of Naps.
    Or Lunchtime…

    • Oh, you guys are too nice!

      Hmm yes, being the God of Naps would be brilliant…! But I believe ‘lunchtime’ is too specific. What about Food?

  3. Isis or Queen Nefertiti (I realise she’s not really a goddess but oh well) ! I am all about Egyptian mythology as my boyf is from Egypt πŸ™‚ x

    Ps. Totally agree with El Guapo!

    • Well, thanks once more! πŸ˜€
      I’m not so familiar with Egyptian mythology, but what I know is pretty cool! You would rock that Egyptian look, I’m sure. Nice to have an insider of such an interesting country as a boyfriend!

  4. Rael

     /  August 19, 2013

    I saw the original statue or Persephone being ‘raped’ (Ratto di Proserpina) in Rome. It was gorgeous! πŸ™‚
    And if I could be one.. it would definitely be Aphrodite πŸ˜‰

    • Ah, those statues are always so vivid and dramatic! Gotta love them.
      Aphrodite is really cool as well, but don’t forget you’re the one triggering the Troyan War! πŸ˜‰

  5. When I did a report in 5th or 6th grade, it was Artemis/Diana, because I liked her freedom and outdoors-y ness. Now, knowing what I have read of the world’s mythology, perhaps Gaia if I needed to remain Greek, but I like Artemis also, or one of the Muses, possibly Calliope or Thalia (though I don’t want to encourage over-fertility given the world’s current population). If we’re making up stuff, how about Goddess of Chocolatey Things? πŸ™‚


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