A Perfect Woman

A perfect woman should be …

1. Elegant, like a dancer.

This is a picture of Gelsey Kirkland, and to me it shows the ultimate elegance a ballerina can have. The long neck, the neat hair, the attitude… Dancers have a specific way of moving. Every tiny step is filled with a kind of attitude that you barely see anywhere else.

In this video, you can see the extremely graceful Altynai Asylmuratova dancing one of the most beautiful variations in ballet history. And yes, enthusiasm sort of takes over… What I mean to say though, is that she is so elegant though she is standing on her toes – which isn’t quite what toes are meant for. Dancers know how to move their body, there is some kind of harmony in their movements which requires ages of training. But in the end, they rock this elegance like no one else.


2. Somewhat cheeky, like Anne Boleyn.

Because, admit it, she’s got fire. The look in her eyes, the way she moves, what man could resist that? But it’s something you can’t really fake. If you do so, you will look a bit ridiculous, unfortunately. I guess it’s something you either have or don’t have. She’s got it, and every woman wants it too. And it’s not about being really brutal or saying ‘let’s skip the conversation, where’s your bed?’. This is about something in your movements that is subtle and at the same obvious enough. After all, you want someone to get your message while not looking like a slut.


3. Dignified, like Queen Elizabeth.

Apparently the Tudors-era is a good source of inspiration if you’re looking for virtues. Like Queen Elizabeth, I consider it to be a good thing to have this poker face and majestic behaviour. She’s not controlled by emotions, she’s not embarrassed, she is the Queen and she knows it. It demands a kind of strength, a kind of view on the world to establish this. But I think it’s really important to sometimes feel this majestic. You should always have this sense of dignity, otherwise you’ll just become a woman who doesn’t care about what she looks like and how she behaves. But that won’t get you much respect… Just don’t be afraid to have class. It’s totally okay.


4. Able to party well, like a Gatsby Girl.

Because seriously, those parties over at Gatsby’s looked amazing! All glittery and glamorous, good-looking people and dancing until the sun comes up again. Isn’t that the most wonderful party you can imagine? Those people knew how to throw a party and have fun. The fact that there’s a tragic story behind all these wild events isn’t important. What matters is that from time to time, you’d better have a drink and fun. You can’t be a pokerfacing queen all the time…


5. Intriguing, like a mermaid.

This video is from the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It’s probably not very hard to be intriguing when you’re in fact just swimming around naked, but still, these mermaids have something that makes you interested. Especially with that voice… Hypnotic to say at least. They could make you do everything, and you will never fathom them. Which makes them all the more attractive I guess.


6. Real, like you and me.

The best part of great women is the fact that they exist. Perfection is nowhere to be found, but I still believe it’s better to find/be a nearly perfect real woman than a non-existing perfect woman. Being real is a big deal. Rhyme not intended.

So, this is my view on what a perfect woman would more or less look like. This is mainly meant as a source of inspiration (and an excuse to share some great videos). I’m not even close to perfect, no one is, but everyone’s got something that makes him/her great, right? Which doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by some good examples. Therefore this post.

Feel free to add something, or to disagree!

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  1. Leaving aside physical characteristics, a sense of humor, a sense of self and integrity.
    I guess those all fall under personality.

    • Yes, that’s very important. Imagine having to live together with someone without humour… Oh the horror!
      These kind of things were harder to catch in a video though. If that’s somewhat of an excuse…

      • this post also has the distinction of being the second time I’ve voluntarily watched ballet.

      • Hahaha, truth is, this blog is just a hidden attempt to get people to watch ballet… The rest is but a pretext :).

      • Nooooooo!!!!!

        But…but you seemed so pure and innocent.

      • That’s just the outside… In reality I’m more like Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman: really beautiful and seemingly weak, but in the end she’s just trying to get everyone killed.
        *evil laughter*
        (Though my aim is obviously not to kill you guys.)

      • And we appreciate your restraint.

        In fact, I’d be happy to share this apple with you!

      • Ooh, life gives me apples instead of lemons…!
        Thank you very much… But it tastes a bit different, is that normal? You know… Somewhat bitter…

        Hey look… Dwarves… And a pink… elephant…

  2. LOLOL what a fun post. I loved it. Is there such a thing as that woman you describe? For she seems insurmountable to me.

    • I haven’t found such a woman yet, and it’s definitely not a description of me ;). It would perhaps be too much personality for one body, wouldn’t it?

  3. This is a great post. You draw a wonderful picture using these instances. Thank you.

  4. All great points! I love the mermaid scene in pirates! So good!

  5. runningonsober

     /  August 20, 2013

    I am *so* not a bible scholar, but I have loved this for many many years:

    From Proverbs 31:10
    “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies”

    Your post kind of reminded me of it. I think it is our flaws and imperfections that give us depth and character though. My perfect woman would be gloriously flawed and quite irreverent about it. When everyone was walking north, she’d be the one skipping south. And laughing the whole way.

    And she would love dogs. That part is non-negotiable.

    Fun post, my dear! ~ Christy

    • It’s a good quote though! A good point of view, very right.
      If there would be a person completely perfect, it would be so annoying and boring… So as you say flaws and imperfections are the things that make life interesting. I appreciate the people who have teh guts to go south when everyone goes north – those are the ones most likely to be openminded and to make a change.

      She has to love animals in general ;).

      Thanks a lot, Christy!

  6. Nice quirky post 🙂 Humour is important. Which woman makes you laugh most?

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