Current condition: Studying

It’s summer, the sun is shining, it’s that kind of perfect weather… And I’m inside, studying to retake an exam. But I don’t really mind, as I don’t have the money to do all the fun stuff anyways. My life is so tragic.
Either way, here’s a sort of closer look, analysing of my current condition: studying.

Clothes: yoga pants and loose T-shirt with owl print.

However important elegance is to me, it doesn’t apply to all situations, okay? It’s bloody hot in my room, and I need the freedom to change my position every five to ten seconds. Plus: my inner dancer is very happy with these yoga pants. I can get up and throw my leg in the air whenever I want. Which is something I frequently do. (It sounds as if I’ve got a prosthesis. I mean to say I do a grand battement.)
The owl print is really cool, by the way. It’s more of a drawing made of stripes. Maybe I make it sound worse with every word I add, but seriously, it’s one of my favourite T-shirts. And it’s loose. Literally cool.

Makeup & Hair: Not really, and a mess.

Self conscious as I am, I do put on makeup when I leave the house, even if it’s just to buy bread or something. It makes passing by a mirror somewhat easier to deal with as well. But I got to the point where I sincerely long to dressing up and going all the way with makeup… Not just mascara, but eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, everything I can find here (which isn’t that much after all). The only makeup thing I have done now, is nail polish. I don’t think I’ve ever had such well done toe and finger nail polish. Seriously.

My feet. With blue nail polish.

My feet. With blue nail polish.

The hair, well, that’s more of a bun, if you want to call it like that. In reality it’s more like hair surrounded by a rubber band (the ones you use for hair, not like car tires).

Physical condition: hypochondriac.

Insomnia has been kicking in, I’m hungry all the time, headaches, chest ache for the moment, and so on. I’m always convinced I’ve got some terrible illness, but that’s probably not true. I mean, everyone has aches every now and then. I just wish I could sleep well. That would be so great.

Mental condition: happy as ever.

Hehe. I’m not really the shiny happy person who’s always optimistic. Things have been better, things have been worse. My self-esteem has decided to go on a holiday, but hey, he deserves it. He’s had a hard time after all. I hope he sends a post card.

Concentration: what’s that? Some kind of illness? It’s certainly not something I’ve got.

Desk condition: pretty crowded!

I’ve got like four piles of papers in the running, a book, Word documents, books I use to procrastinate, pens, pencils, movies I still have to watch, a Spanish fan (the ones you have in your hand. the automatic one has a place on the floor) and a stuffed pig. I’m not sure what to do with that pig. He’s kinda cute, and I got it once at a dance performance. Good memories. I’ll just let him be another witness of my struggle.

Knowledge condition: however much I’m trying to get all facts straight and in my head, I’m sure he’ll ask something I don’t know. Plus: it’s history I have to retake. Only the Polish, but all history is so tied together. Hurray hurray. I wish I had the feeling I know stuff, but I still feel like I don’t know anything at all. Like ‘Poland? It’s a country, right? Somewhere, I don’t know, south from America?’.

Only five more days to go.

Five’s not much.

Dear lord.

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  1. You crack me up. Love your nail polish. Very pretty colour and it looks great on you.

    Show us a picture of that postcard from your self-esteem if you ever get it.

    Best of luck with your exam!

  2. thegeekyg4mer

     /  August 21, 2013

    Lol this is great! The bit about the leg throwing made me snort like your pig!!

  3. So relate-able! Your blog is definitely what I needed right now.
    & your nail color just reminded me that I really need THAT one colour so bad! Sigh.

    • Oh wow, that’s quite nice to hear!
      Apparently it’s the colour “Dirty Liana” from Catrice Cosmetics.
      I seriously didn’t know about that name when I bought it ;). Good luck wih finding this or a similar colour! It will be there somewhere!

  4. The woman makes the outfit, not the other way around.
    So I’m guessing you look great.

    But wouldn’t this post have been better titled “Current Condition: Avoiding Studying”? 😉

  5. Good grief, you girlies are complicated little princesses. Your tootsies are marvellous though.

    I’m kind of lumpy and awkward, so any impromptu attempts at throwing my leg around results in broken vases and bruised knees.

    I reckon if you post a picture of this pig, your self-esteem will be tempted to come back home.

    • I didn’t dare to tell I sit here wearing a tiara and shoes made of glass, but yes, complicated little princess applies to me.

      Apparently people like the pig! Who knows, perhaps I’ll do a post on my current habitat.

  6. When I’ve got to spend a lot of time inside studying I long to dress up too. I long that so badly that even if I’m going out just to buy some milk I spend a lot of time carefully choosing my outfit.

  7. Must Have Boxes

     /  August 21, 2013

    Cute nail polish color!

    – KW

  8. runningonsober

     /  August 21, 2013

    Have you been spying on me again? We could be twins, all the way from our hair bun to our blue toes. Aren’t yoga pants THE BEST?

    When my running mileage increases, I wear much less make-up, because it all sweats away anyway. A little gloss and mascara and lots of moisturizer during the summer about do it.

    Except my shirt has a sun on it, not an owl. But it’s loose. “Life is Good” has the softest and most comfy tees.

    Get back to studying. You can do eet!
    ~ Christy

    • I didn’t realise I was such a good spy though! It’s kinda creepy… But perhaps we’re just both really awesome, and apparently buns, blue toes and yoga pants come with that.

      That’s a sad part about running, together with the extrememly red head I always get when doing it. I sincerely hope you don’t suffer from that…

      I don’t know that brand, but if I ever run across it, I’ll be alert ;).

      I will, I will… At least, I will try. See you soon though! 😉

  9. RO

     /  August 22, 2013

    Watch out with that grande battement if you’re not warmed up, haha you could strain a muscle 😉 Nice nail-polish btw!!

  10. I love your happy go lucky posts! I smile all the way through the reading of them, and that is a wonderful gift you give your readers. Your polish looks fab, and you certainly do have dancer’s feet!

    • And your comments are wonderful gifts to me! I’m really glad I could make you smile :).
      Dancer’s feet, yeah, the crooked toes sort of give it away, don’t they?


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