Treasure Hunting # 1: The Hunt for Music

See this map? It has a little cross over there. Exactly. That’s where we need to be; in between the valley and the mountains, there is a treasure only little have ever seen before.
So let’s go on a treasure hunt, to find the good but well hidden stuff!

Well… You probably say. What’s this all about? Let me tell you. This Treasure Hunting thing will be a series about unknown music. I mean to descend into caves full of spider webs and perhaps a skeleton here and there, to find music only little people know. This isn’t just songs I like, or songs that fit a post. This series is completely dedicated to buried and forgotten music that’s actually really good.

Let’s find the X! Yay!

There is so much beauty everywhere and it’s not easy to find it all. Coincidence has to help you out, and having a parent with a unusal music taste also works. I know there will be a lot of music on this blog now, but there will be more as well. This is just for those who like to look beyond borders and dive into deep blue seas where the most beautiful fish swim around.

Ah, poetry.

To start with, I’ll give you two pieces of music I have posted here before in another context. Now the attention will be entirely for them. These two calm me down when I need it. At the same time they have something melancholic (that’s how I like my music!). For me they represent last year and everything that happened in that year. But the atmosphere they create is just great to anyone, I believe.



This song also appeared in this post.


And this one can be found in this post. The video is also pretty cool. Beautiful and somewhat badass. My love for these two songs is endless.

Listen, enjoy, be carried away.
See you soon, fellow treasure hunters!


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  1. thegeekyg4mer

     /  September 1, 2013

    Oh Yes! I’m all over this idea, I love finding new music through other people. I have to say your first two choices are amazing, just the kind of music I adore, melancholic rules! Looking forward to more of these 🙂 Great Idea!

    • Yay! I’m glad to hear you liked these! I will do my best to find the ultimate unkown pearls out there and show them to you.
      Suggestions are always welcome, if you’d like to share something as well!

      • thegeekyg4mer

         /  September 1, 2013

        That’s actually 3 you have shown me though, because I loved The Execution Ballet as well, much better remembered when seen with the video. I’ll have to find some way to get the Tudors music to you. Right now the one that makes me smile, would have to be Hans Zimmer – You’re so cool – the theme tune to the movie True Romance, but there are so so many, I try and update my music page but usually forget lol

      • Hans Zimmer, of course! I watched Inception and that last scene, with Time, was so stunning. I posted that song here somewhere as well.
        I’ll search for You’re so cool!

  2. Woww have to compliment on your taste in music. GOR-GE-OUS!!
    I love melancholy in music too, makes the feeling that goes with the song so much more profound. Undiscovered music is also of interest to me, I usually search Youtube for hours on end, just clicking on links and links and links… until I found something completely new to me and awesome!
    Ever heard of Saltillo? Those songs can be awesome, Giving In is a good one.

    • Oh, you make me blush!
      Melancholy rocks! And great thing you’re always searching for new music, because I will stalk you guys with songs and music :). Hopefully you will like them as well.
      I haven’t heard of it, but I will be looking for it!

  3. I love this idea! Plus, I need new music to listen to!

  4. Our tastes don’t quite overlap, which I love. It means I’m going to hear something I probably wouldn’t otherwise when I come here.
    I remember The post with Evgeny.His music stands up well on its own, but does better when your words accompany it.
    I could definitely see a place for Lilium on my playlist, but only on the really mellow playlist. 😉

    • It’s so great that you remembered that post, with all the post you read! And that’s one of the nicest things someone’s ever said *blushes*.
      Hehe, it doesn’t really matter where it ends up, as long as you didn’t dislike it, right?
      I hope I’ll give you some more great/mellow music here ;).

  5. Beautiful music! I didn’t know either of them and I probably wouldn’t still if it weren’t for you. 🙂 I don’t usually listen too much to instrumental-only music, since I’m more of a “words” person, so to speak, and I fall for songs due to their lyrics a lot more often than due to their melodies. I even like some very crappy songs, melody-wise, that have beautiful lyrics. xD

    I particularly loved the Russian one. *o* And you made me go back and try to start learning Russian again. Thanks! ^^

    • I too sometimes fall for the lyrics, but recently I start to like more and more instrumental stuff, like these two. It totally depends I think. It’s a good thing though you liked them!
      You’re learning Russian too? That would be so cool – we could do some small talk in Russian then! Hehe :).

      • I was, a long time ago, but never got really far, so I’ve forgotten what little I learned, hehehe. That’s why I said you made me want to go back. You reminded me of how I was interested in that language in the first place!

        I wish we could learn languages like they learned stuff in the Matrix movies. I hate STUDYING things, but I love knowing new things and I wish I could speak all the languages in the world! *o*

        Anyways, beautiful music. ;D Thanks for sharing it!

      • Yeah I know the feeling! I don’t like to study, I don’t like to do exercices I always fail at, but then again, when you find out you can actually do something, it feels so good! I’m always happy to find out I can speak a bit Russian (slow Russian, that is) and that makes up for all the effort I put in it.
        If you ever need some motivation to keep on studying, just let me know! I will try to keep you going! 😉

      • Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll be sure to come back to you when I lose motivation, if I start with Russian again, hehehe. 😀

      • Just do it! It will be fun :D.

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