Oh the troubles…

Recently I’ve got some problems with WordPress, more specifically, with the notifications of comments. I don’t get to see your replies to my comments on your blog anymore. It’s very annoying as it’s a big part of blogging to have these ‘conversations’ and it pisses me of a bit… I tried to find help at the forum, but there are so many people trying to help there and I’m afraid my message will just be lost.

If anyone of you happen to know what causes this or how to fix it, please let me know. And feel free to tell me when you replied to my comments, because sometimes I don’t remember where I left a comment and I’m really interested in what you will reply as well. So feel free to spam me when you reply. I will appreciate it.


Want to help me at the forum, click here.

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  1. I’m really no expert on WordPress, but maybe it has to do with that little box there’s at the end of every comment box, that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”? Maybe, if you don’t click that, you don’t get the follow-up comments anywhere…? I don’t know. I’m just throwing ideas. ^^U

    I hope someone who actually knows how to fix this will come and help! 😉

    • Perhaps, but I never got notifications via email but they did show up in that speech bubble. So everything used to be okay and now it’s changed.
      Which is weird.
      But thanks for your comment, I will try to see if it has any effect, who knows!

  2. Do you mean in that orange little bubble thing in the top right corner? What about if you go into the ‘Comments I’ve Made’ part of the dashboard?

    I’ve looked in the dashboard and can’t find any settings for the bubble thing. Have you tried a different web browser?

    • Yes, the speech bubble. I haven’t tried a different browser no, as I’ve only got two on this computer. Getting another one there next to Internet Explorer was already an adventure, so I never tried to install anything else than Firefox.
      The Comments I’ve made work. It’s really only the speech bubble it seems… Would another web browser make a difference you think?

  3. How weird.. Sorry, can’t help you but hope you’ll be able to fix it soon because indeed, conversations through comments are a big part of blogging! 😉

  4. NotAPunkRocker

     /  September 3, 2013

    It’s hit or miss for me, maybe half the time it lets me know if I have new interactions on my posts or someone else’s. And the reader… I am lucky if it shows more than 5 blog posts at any time. This is online and on the app, so I just try to do a lot of backtracking if I can remember where I visited.

    • I’ve had some problems with the reader as well, not showing posts that had been posted… I try to remember as well, and I use the My Activity thing, but once you comment on a blog with lots of followers, you Activity will be invaded with those comments, and it becomes pretty useless again.
      Internet stuff, it will never fail to make go you insane!

  5. Wait – so you aren’t receiving them in the orange bubble?
    Do you have a second account you might be logging in as?
    (Though that would show as who you’re commenting as…)

  6. There’s a lot of weird stuff happening at the moment – people not getting email notifications etc – check out the support bits and double check your settings – if not drop them a note – normally they are quite responsive.

  7. thegeekyg4mer

     /  September 3, 2013

    I knew all that leg throwing in the air business would cause trouble in the end!! 🙂 Hope you get it sorted, it would annoy the crap outta me lol

  8. runningonsober

     /  September 4, 2013

    A friend said she was having trouble recently.

    I think im getting most of mine, but I know I’ve missed out on a couple when I have gone back to check. I do most of my commenting from my phone, so I don’t know if that matters.

    Sounds like a lot are having issues, but Ruta found something that works for her here:


    “ADDENDUM! If you go to a WordPress blog to comment, do you see 3 lines that are probably autofilled with your email, username & blog URL? If so – to the right of that click on the little WordPress circle icon…that should ‘log you in’ as a Worpress user and then notifications to your posts should come in. At least that’s my theory. And so far, so good!”

    • Hey, that seems to be a good tip, I’m certainly trying that! Maybe all the troubles indeed started when those things changed. Thanks so much!


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