Treasure Hunting # 2: To Far Far Away

With which I mean, to Europe. Dear Europeans, please don’t cringe, but I want to us take to the Eurovision Song Contest… For sure!
This is an annual contest since 1956. Since that moment this contest has produced quite some famous song, and unfortunately a whole lot of seriously ear raping songs. With every passing year, there are more and more groups who use the Eurovision tricks: starting with impressive clothes but later on undressing, a higher tone at the end of the song, dizzying backgrounds… And most often the singers just can’t sing. They just fit in the fancy clothes and know how to smile. Music? No way. Last year it seemed like every country just had the same song which they slightly adapted. Horrible, excruciating.

But. It’s not all horror. Next to the really famous songs like the Logan songs and stuff, there have been a few very good songs that didn’t win (you won’t let the good music win, right?) and that have been a bit forgotten perhaps… These songs were the ones making it worth watching. Until a few years ago, my family and I used to watch this show and it was just like a family moment you know. But since things started slacking we stopped watching it. Luckily I still have seen the shows where they had some pearls to soften the pain your ears get.
The songs I’m speaking of are in fact really good, at least I think so. They’re not just ‘good for a Eurovision song’, but actually nice, beautiful music. So I present you three Eurovision songs I have never forgotten!

Mor ve ötesi – Deli
The first video is from Turkey, 2008.

This is a rock song of which I don’t understand a single word. But the way the singer looks in the camera seriously makes me wonder what on earth he’s saying… Though it’s been a while, 2008, I have never forgotten this song. It actually made an impression for some reason… It stuck with me. The title means ‘Crazy’ but further on I’d suggest just enjoying the sounds of the beautiful Turkish language. By the way, make sure to watch not only the singer, but the entire group… They’re pretty funny at times!

Urban Symphony – Rändajad
The second video I offer you is from Estonia in 2009. 

A girl with beautiful hair, a violin, a language I once again don’t understand. A perfect combination! I have no clue of what she’s singing, I don’t even know what the title means, but that’s okay. It makes this whole song even more mysterious. It’s so cool that they use real instruments, and that the girl actually can sing! The background looking like a night sky is very beautiful as well. The atmosphere is just right, you know? Everything makes sense, and you just believe it.

Regina – Bistra Voda
Last video for today is Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2009 as well.

Perhaps the most dramatic song of these three (especially the part with the flag is slightly overacted), but one that also stuck with me. Of this song I do understand some parts! Okay, I admit I have read a translation, but when reading the real text, I really had some parts I could translate as it’s also a Slavic language. Maybe that’s why I like this song, but even then, it was one of the few I’ve never forgotten.

When listening to these songs again I have ‘found’ some other great Eurovision songs as well. There might follow a second trip to Europe…

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of Europe and our trip there!

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  1. The Eurovision Song Contest is mental. Everyone hates England/the UK and we got 0 points or something as punishment for invading Iraq in 2003! All the ex-Soviet bloc nations vote for each other as well.

    That Estonia song is quite good, reminded me of James Bond for some reason.

    • Honestly, you guys don’t often give good songs…
      But it is indeed very political all of it. That’s the only reason we’ve only won once! 😉

  2. NotAPunkRocker

     /  September 6, 2013

    The only Eurovision song I know is “My Lovely Horse” from Father Ted 😉

    Actually I wish I had followed this more closely, I really like the whole concept of this contest 😀

  3. Loved that second song. Know idea what she was saying, but the strings and her voice accompanied each otehr beautifully.

  4. Eurovision is a staple point of nonsense here in Blighty – I have loved it since childhood – even ringing our Foreign Office a few years ago suggesting we invade Malta cos they didn’t give UK the points to win. I also bought the winning Ukrainian singer album from a few years ago – absolutely woeful. If you want a laugh check out Germany’s entries down the years……

  5. In Spain no one gives a damn about Eurovision (considering the “singers” we send to participate I can’t blame them… ) but I still enjoy watching it. I don’t take it seriosly so laughs are guranteed. Plus, there are always a few good songs (the only ones that sound like real music), they never make get that many points, though.

    • I didn’t know you were from Spain, cool! The enthusiasm has somewhat disappeared here as well, but indeed, you’re sure to laugh when watching it :D.
      It’s indeed a pity that they never seem to be the songs the people vote for…

  6. I didn’t even know such a thing as the Eurovision Song Contest existed! :O Although it kind of reminds me of a song festival held in my country (and in my city!), called the Viña del Mar International Song Festival (Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar – that used to be a true song contest for people from all over the world, even though it’s kinda dead nowadays and it isn’t such a great platform for new artists anymore. ^^

    I liked all three songs, specially the second one. The first one reminded me of an old song from the 80’s, sung by a Spanish rock band called La Unión (The Union). The song was called “Lobo Hombre En París” (“Werewolf in Paris”). You can watch its official video and listen to it here: Yeah, they’re not all that similar, but I couldn’t help hearing this song in my mind, while I was listening to “Deli”. ;D

    Thanks for this! It was most educational. ❤

    • It sounds like a very similar event, though Eurovision is really but Europe and some countries close to Europe. It’s quite a pity that ‘you’ contest is dead now, it could be a nice thing!

      I’m glad you liked the songs! It somehow makes sense it reminded you of that 80’s song. I’m always hooked by 80’s music, and without even noticing I tend to fall for contemporary songs that sound a bit 80’s :).

      And thanks for the links to the lyrics. I neevr dared to read it, but it sounded pretty well, the translation. Yay for these songs that are both musically and poetically beautiful :D.

      • Well, Viña’s festival used to have people from all over the world (even Africa, sometimes!), but it’s changed over the years and less and less people send their songs so the competition’s become kinda dead, although there are like 6 songs per year, including one frome Chile.

        Thank you for sharing these songs! You’re “culturizing” me in more ways than you know, hahaha! ;D

      • Waw, such a compliment! 🙂

  7. Oh! I forgot to add… I’m curious and it kind of freaks me out to listen to music I don’t understand, because it makes me itch to understand what the heck they are saying. So I googled up “Deli” and found this English translation:

    I can’t say it’s accurate or not, because I don’t know the first thing about Turkish language, but… 😉

    And, in case you wanna spoil the mystery of the second song, “Rändajad”, here’s an English translation of it, too:


  8. thegeekyg4mer

     /  September 7, 2013

    I have to say at the start of the post I did cringe just a little, I concur with the sentiments above reference voting for us here in the UK, despite who good / bad our songs are so I’m not a Eurovision lover. That said good choices, I actually liked all three, but number 2 would be my favourite lol

    • I knew I had to warn the Europeans! 😉
      There’s a lot of rubbish going on with that contest, but every now and then, some magic happens and a good song passes by.
      Glad you liked the songs!

      • thegeekyg4mer

         /  September 7, 2013

        Ok I have a new one for you. I love soundtracks, I think they produce some of the most moving music. You tube Lady in the water – The Healing, it’s by James Newton Howard 🙂

  9. What a unique contest! The second one caught my interest the most, I have to say. I can’t imagine not only writing, but, performing an original song before millions of viewers.

    • It’s unique, perhaps, but it’s really getting worse and worse – next to this songs, that is. The second one seems to be the favourite here, it’s an amazing song :D. Must have been goosebumps to be on that stage with that song indeed.

  10. another EU tour? Is the UK on the cards?


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