Life Choice # 7: Bicycle or Car?

This might just be the easiest choice of this series for me: bike! I’m even known for getting angry when someone hurts my bike. I’m that protective. My bike, it’s my buddy. It takes me anywhere, as fast as I want (or can go), and will take me home whenever I want. No need to pay to park it somewhere. You can go almost everywhere. It’s so easy. Cars are so different. They can’t do whatever they want, because you can’t just drive in a street where you aren’t suppossed to drive. You have to find a parking spot and pay for it. Fuel is expensive. You can’t stop as quickly.
And so on.

There are only a few reasons why bikes suck: when it’s raining, you get soaked. It isn’t always easy when wearing a skirt or dress. But it will also wear out your pants. Recently my best pair of jeans got ripped because of wear and tear. It’s still my favourite pair though. Looks badass. (I don’t wear it in public anymore though…) So I admit bikes aren’t perfect, but for me they still win. I must also admit I don’t have my driver’s license yet, so every time I want to use the car, I have to beg a parent to help me out. By now I’ve got to the point I’d rather take the bus than let my parents take me somewhere. But: buses only come at certain moments, while you can get out your bike at any moment you want. No traffic problems. Just pedaling.

Life can be so easy!

So, what do you prefer? Are you more likely to drive your bike or your car?

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  1. I have a flat tire… Meeehhhhh!! 😦

  2. I’m riding my bike a lot more these days, I feel like I am cheating on cars by doing it (my dad was a used car salesman, so I grew up around cars all my life!)

    • You can’t cheat on cars, they don’t have feelings! But bikes do ;).
      It’s better for nature and stuff too, so don’t feel guilty!

      • Oh you can;t say my 1970 GTO doesn’t have feelings, or memories or a soul. Oh no… cars are more than transport, the right car is a companion on your journeys. A car can get you into and out of all sorts of trouble. A bike can just get you a little way down the road….

      • Damn, that was convincing! You’re right that cars can be your companion. But I must say my bond with he bike is stronger than teh one with the car.
        But when you can put a year in front of your car’s name, you’re very right to be proud ;).

  3. Each has its place.
    But a bike is way more fun than driving an automatic transmission.
    Especially on the downhills.

  4. Depends. A bike is good in the summer, but pretty useless if you’re moving house.

    I find that when I get into a bike-riding phase, I immediately lose confidence in it the moment I get a puncture. I feel like I’ve been betrayed.

    • Yeah, okay, that’s pretty logic.
      That means your bond isn’t strong enough yet! Imagine it’s your horse with a broken leg or something. Comfort it and try to heal it.

  5. So this is throwing your legs round and round as opposed to up in the air then lol

  6. Bike! All the way!

  7. strawberryquicksand

     /  September 20, 2013

    Hehe. I drive a bus so… I’d take the bus (as long as I had the seat with the steering wheel). Other than that, car all the way. I’ve not ridden a bike for twenty years.

    • Shock! Horror! You haven’t ridden a bike for 20 years? I can’t even imagine that. (That might have something to do with the fact I’m not even 20 years old, but okay.)
      It’s funny though you wouldn’t take a bus unless you’re the driver :).

      • strawberryquicksand

         /  September 20, 2013

        Hell no. Best seat is the one with the steering wheel. lol. And no, maybe I did ride a bike ONCE in twenty years.. but even that was about eleven years ago. I entertained the thought of buying a deadly treadly to ride to work on, but the day I considered it, I woke up, it was minus five degrees and my windscreen took five minutes to de-ice. I decided against a bike.

      • Hahaha, bikes don’t have windows to de-ice though! And when it has snowed, you’re most likely to be where you have to be much faster than the people with the car. They always pile up when the weather goes bad ;).

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