Into the Hollow

Today, we danced to the song posted below. Something about this piece of music stuck with me, and something told me how to find it. Somehow, this song made the rest of the day feel empty. I came home and took a shower, I ate, I checked my mails and blog. But because I had to do, because it’s routine. It felt like an obligation to function, though it all seemed hollow. My body was doing things while my brain was occupied by this music and the unbearable lightness of being, which is by the way one of the best titles ever, but I didn’t like the book. Bummer.
Anyway. So the day passed by, everything seemed normal and calm and restless as ever.
But the point? The aim?



“The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.”
Woody Allen

“She was tired, with that tiredness that only emptiness brings.”
Paolo Giordano, The Solitude of Prime Numbers
“For a long time now my heart has had its shutters closed, its steps deserted, formerly a tumultuous hotel, but now empty and echoing like a great empty tomb.”
Gustave Flaubert
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  1. I couldn’t even begin to guess how you would dance to that!

    Every day is passing as normal I’m afraid. I’ve boshed £10 on the lottery, hopefully that’ll spice things up…

    • And I really can’t explain actually…
      Well, let’s hope the lottery will bring luck and happiness and above all lots and lots of money of course.
      Because money is the most important thing.

  2. The strength of good music is it’s ability to sway emotion.
    And maybe the next song to stick in your head will need to a whole new aim and goal!

    • It’s incredible how music can totally change how you feel! It always impresses me.
      I hope the next song will be a happy song, but for the moment sad piano music totally got me…

  3. I’ve never read the book, but I loved the film, would describe it as delightful 🙂


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