Don’t Talk to Strangers

Cause they’re only there to do you harm
Don’t write in starlight
‘Cause the words may come out real
Don’t hide in doorways
You may find the key that opens up your soul
Don’t go to Heaven cause it’s really only Hell

Do you know that phenomenon where your brother introduces you to a hell lot of good music, but it never works the other way around? I started listening to The Offspring, Metallica, Tool and so on, but he never started to listen to Joy Division. Screw that.
Anyway, when I was listening to this song again a few days ago, I was suddenly struck: ‘this is so true! Talking to strangers will only get you trouble!’ And then I started thinking more and more. It started making sense. It makes sense godammit…
Now I know most of you, if not all, are older and wiser than me, but if there’s a duckling over here who is still unknowing and young, I’d like to say: don’t talk to strangers.
Seriously, duckling. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. They may seem so nice and understanding, but most of them are not like that at all. They will turn out to be assholes most likely. Don’t trust them.
I mean, I talked to strangers too. There was always a reason. ‘Hey, aren’t you *fill in name/anything at all*?’ And then, one by one, I passed all the situations Dio described in his song. I woke up one day with the word ‘blue’ written on my arm. I stood in a doorway and at that point I got sort of lost. I danced in darkness and stumbled (not physically – I’ve been dancing for 12 years and know how to stay upright).
I’m not going to heaven. There’s really only Hell anyway.
That’s what those strangers will do to you. They will write on your arms. You’ll wake up the next day and laugh – you had forgotten that he did that. They will stand with you in the doorway and you will think it’s promising. You will find a stage, lonely in the middle of a place, and you will dance.
And all of it will seem okay. It’s only the next day you start to wonder why it didn’t feel bizarre.
Dear duckling, they cannot be trusted. Before you know it, they’ll have bad influence on you. They’ll fuck you up. They’ll kill you!
(That’s somewhat overly dramatic. They will make you angry though. And pissed.)
Take my advice, duckling. One last thing should be added to the song though: Don’t drink too much!

Don’t talk, don’t let ’em inside your mind
Run away, run away, girl

No, no, no don’t let them in your mind
Protect your soul!

Lyrics via here.

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  1. Sad but true. But it’s those experiences that teach us and add to our lives, and let us know when the stranger we’re talking to now may be the best friend or trusted lover of the future.
    In the end, as long as we get through it, the stories are great, given enough time and distance…

    And I have to say, I thought you were going with a completely different song here.

    • NotAPunkRocker

       /  October 3, 2013

      You read my mind on the song choice…though I love Dio (RIP).

    • Sad but true is also a good song though!
      For the moment I can only believe that the strangers I talk to are assholes either way. They won’t be the trusted lover of the future. I wish that were true :(.

      I’ll be listening to that song in a minute!

  2. People are shits. I long for those days when I was younger, when you could simply go up to someone your own age and say “Hey, nice bike!” and you’d be friends immediately.

    • Those were the days, those were days… I miss that as well. I just want to go up to people and talk to them, but everyone would say I’m weird.
      Maybe they all fear I’m the evil stranger.

  3. I agree with Michael, years ago we could do that. These days though we tend to shy away from strangers. So wise words.

    • Perhaps there’s a good reason we are afraid of strangers. Perhaps it’s because most of them are assholes who will only try to advantage of you.

      • I sense….a little anger. If you need to vent you have my e-mail if it is ever required! Until then fashion a vodoo doll and stick pins in it 🙂

      • Just a little bit, yes! 😉
        Thanks Juls, you’re so kind. You guys are the good strangers for sure. And the voodoo crossed my mind as well ;).

  4. RO

     /  October 3, 2013

    Drinking and meeting strangers is often the most dangerous of situations. They will leave you with blue ink on your arm and wondering where you’ve been the night before.
    But I think I’m beyond all help. People say I can make a bridge talk back to me if I’d like, so yeah there goes the no talking to strangers part on my behalf…

    • Exactly… It’s a sad thing, having but the blue ink to remind you of what it felt like to.
      Man,now I really want to meet you! Let me know if you come to Leuven!

      • RO

         /  October 4, 2013

        Yes me too!! Well like I said it is going to be around Christmas because my BF and I usually go on a weekend-trip somewhere in Belgium 😉
        But Leuven is not so far away! We could make a day out of it once I’ve been there one time 😉

      • Yayyayyay! That would totally rock! I heard they cover the town hall with Christmas lights in December, so I guess it’s really nice here then :).

      • RO

         /  October 4, 2013

        Ahwww can’t wait to see it! I love Belgium anyway, I’ve been to many of your gorgeous cities 🙂

      • Woop woop! We’ve got some great stuff here, yes. I’m not sure if you like beer, but there’s also a cafe here with over 200 kinds of beer (I’m not sure how many, but MANY).
        It seems that at last I start to give advice on what to see and do ;).

      • RO

         /  October 4, 2013

        Haha that’s very welcome! And as it happens, I loooove beer! We’ve been to The Gollem in Antwerp, they had a whole beer-menu. It was awesome. We got way too drunk in the end 😀

      • Hahaha, that’s great! Do you know that you’re really cool? I mean, a ballerina who loves beer, that rocks! 😉
        The cafe I was talking of is Fiere Margriet at the Oude Markt, in case you’d want to go there.
        (But beware, there’s so many choice!)

      • RO

         /  October 4, 2013

        Oehhhh…. sounds good!!!

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