When maturity kicks in…

It struck me a while ago. I was in a book shop, where you can buy textbooks and pens and that kind of stuff. The people who work there are always in a bad mood. It’s always crowded and the queue’s are long.

So I was there.
And I bought an agenda.

I did this before, but it was never much like this. And it only got worse – I used it. I actually used it.

So now it’s impossible to close my eyes to what’s happening. People – I’m getting mature!

But honestly, it was about time. With all the work I have now, it’s almost impossible to do what I did last year. My first year of university was quite relaxed. I did what was necessary, got good grades, but I also went out a lot, in the last months often two times a week, and when I went out, I drank too much. I never really did something stupid, but I wouldn’t be well awake the following day, and I wouldn’t do anything productive either. When I had class at 11 am or even 2 pm I didn’t do anything (except for washing my hair). I can’t even remember how I did that. How could I be so… stupid? Yes, stupid. I got good grades in the end, but I hated every and each morning after a night of drinking. My limits weren’t limited enough. How could I not see that going out late is even more fun if you aren’t exhausted the next day? (Drinking less makes the morning after so much nicer!)
It was a year full of going out and confusion situations. One very bitter experience in the beginning of this school year has made me think though. It was enough. It was too much. I was sick of this weird things happening when having drunk, I was sick of being tired, I was sick of people in general.

Because sometimes, maturity can’t express what we really want.

So then things really started to change.

Not only did I buy an agenda, I never drunk that much anymore, I started studying, I woke up earlier so I could do school stuff before class. I’m becoming boring, but responsible. There’s no more drama. There’s no more annoying, tired, headache-y morning afters. Instead I go home in time and accept the fact that those wild nights are no longer possible. I’m just so overwhelmed by all the work I have. It’s only been the fourth week of our school year and I’m already panicking.

Becoming mature isn’t fun.

It has to be said. It’s better, it’s healthier, I guess it pleases the people around me, but it’s boring. My life is changing into ‘school and school only’ and I don’t like that. There are no more stories to tell because I don’t go out late with a lot of beer anymore. There are less bizarre events (though still too much – in an unpleasant way) to laugh with. Life is studies. Yes, I like to be well awake and the lack of the aftermath of beer. That’s great.

But now I want exciting things to happen again, in between studying and eating and sleeping… There might just be a minute left for the non-mature part to show up again!

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  1. When you say agenda, I take it you mean a diary…?

    If uni is really busy at the moment then it makes sense to dig in and put the necessary effort it… but keep it in moderation. When things start to relax a bit more, go back to enjoying yourself and having fun… but keep it in moderation.

    It’s all about getting the balance right. No-one ever lay on their deathbed wishing that they had spent less time having fun.

    • I’m not sure about the right translation, but I mean that thing in which you write ’16 October – Stupid exercices’ and ’31 December – Family stuff’.

      It’s hard to find a balance right now, because I feel like drowning in all these asignments. You are very right about the deathbed though! It’s time to go dancing at night again.
      I crave for that.

  2. It happens to all of us and just like Michael said it’s all about balance. It will take time to adjust yourself, but you will get used to it. But don’t forget to have fun every now and then!! 🙂

    • Yeah, I need that fun! I should find more ways of doing what I really want to do next to what I have to do.
      So, what about a party next Saturday, everyone? 😉

  3. I have faith in you to have fun and learn.
    And defending on how much you drink, you might be able to drink enough without having too much.
    (Or just go out and have fun without drinking!)
    (Yes, it’s possible.)

    • I’m not easily really drunk, no, but even tipsy is enough to end up doing stuff you regret (did I really hug everyone? really?).
      By now I’m actually too poor to buy much beer, so I guess that’s a great way to have fun without all the beer :D.

  4. RO

     /  October 20, 2013

    You shouldn’t overdo ‘having fun’ but you CAN and SHOULD do have a little fun while your still in school! Come on, life makes you grow up faster than you’d like so take a little out of it while you still can.
    And about that diary thing, oh my.. been there done that. This is the first year (as a teacher nonetheless) that I have actually USED my diary. Meehhhhhh….

    • I know, I know… But there’s so much stuff to do I’m afraid to waste time on the ‘useless’ things.
      But yesterday I saw Footloose and now I’m longing for such a great party with awesome dancing :D.
      We should have a ballet party. That would rock!

      • RO

         /  October 20, 2013

        That would indeed rock!! But don’t ever think making fun/going out/doing other things than working on school is ‘useless’!! They are actually priceless 🙂

      • That’s true! But it doesn’t show on your diploma… Unfortunately :(.
        How cool would htat be though: Graduated with A Whole Lot Of Fun. 😉

      • RO

         /  October 20, 2013

        Haha I would definitely graduate Cum Laude on that.

  5. You wee eejit!! Do you realise that when school is over you’re life is not going to end lol You’re just putting a lid on the fun for the little, you can relax and go mad after. You’re young and you have plenty of time. I had more fun in my 30’s than I ever did in my twenties. I started working with a bunch of eejits who were almost as idiotic as me and everything changed. Now though I’m morphing back into maturity because circumstances at home are forcing me to grown up! You’re far far away from being an oul Granny Mush yet, and besides you help keep me young! lol

    • Hahaha, yeah okay, my life won’t end, but there comes an age when people think you’re weird when you want to go out and dance ;).
      Though I don’t care about what other people think. Of course. Ehem.

      Good thing life can get better when you’re 30. I’m gonna keep that in mind! And besides, that is like the best compliment you could have given me 😀

  6. I think with maturity that yes, you may think you are boring at first but over time you enjoy the freedom you have and how in control you are at other times. One of the coolest people I know is a defense attorney. Get comfortable in your maturity and you realize it’s just about being you. Also don’t smoke or anything to feel mature. That’s stupid.

    • I hope I’ll get used soon to this new me, who still believes this life is boring. I start to miss the drama I so wanted to avoid… But yeah, perhaps I’ll soon enjoy that freedom you speak of.
      Let’s hope so!

  7. It happens to the best of us– soon you will be 27 and looking forward to staying home and cleaning your house all day on a Sunday.

    • Hahaha, yay, now I’m really looking forward to my future! 😉
      Recently I cleaned my desk and it felt so good. It was one of those moments when I realised I was growing up. So it was slightly scary, but above all a relief to have a clean desk actually…


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