Treasure Hunting # 4 : Medieval Losses

It’s been a while since went on a treasure hunt, isn’t it? Is Belgium so far away from everything? No, it’s not. And with the current events I’m still utterly happy to live here, nice and safe. I feel like I could promote living in Belgium at any time.
But it’s important to look beyond borders to find beauty in other places as well. So let’s go hunting again.

This time, I want to show you the downside of treasure hunting. A while ago, due to coincidence, I found two very beautiful songs. I liked them, however unusual they are. But then something terrible happened and they both disappeared from YouTube… Nowhere to be found again! I searched for ages, but they are lost forever. The only thing left behind is scratches. Unfortunately.
It all started when writing this post. The music in the clip with Anne Boleyn appealed to me, so I decided to find out what it was. Easy enough, thanks to YouTube commenters. I found a very good version of the original song (with text). Somehow, I find this song really catchy. I could dance to this for hours. Good rhythm and stuff. All information I could find was that it’s from the 13th century, composed by Alfonso X. It’s also known as Cantiga 166. The version I found was sung by men with great voices. It had so much charm. Until now I haven’t found a single version that can bring the same atmosphere. If you don’t like this song, it will have a lot to do with who’s singing it, the tempo, the instruments. It can change everything.

This video will only give you an impression. It’s the least bad. That’s all I can say of it.

Thanks to the suggestions made on YouTube I also stumbled upon another song. That voice again! Dear lord! How I like that kind of voices. This song is a Latin song, most known for being used in Carmina Burana. The version I found is just another approach to the same text, and one that pleases me a whole lot more. The text, a poem, is also from the 13th century. But this song too was deleted from YouTube, leaving us with only one video in which a part was used… Unfortunately! This song too is extremely catchy for such a song. And that voice. I mean.
After a while in this video, the music changes into the Carmina Burana version. Which is bombastic and unpleasant after the calm singing from the first part. Be prepared.

Totally medieval, this post, right? I hope you can still find something in here, though it’s rather unusual.

See you next time!

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  1. Totally medieval, dude. The music is quite pleasant in those videos.

    Although YouTube can be great, the amount of annoying shite that people upload does my head in. I’ll be looking for a particular scene from a film and the search results will be chock full of homemade montages with rap music in the background.

    • Oooh, I hate that as well! There are too many fan made videos out there. Some or good, but they are never what you’re searching for.
      They should make a filter for that or something.

  2. Wow, I like both a LOT! The first is very haunting … Her voice and the music remind me a lot of Loreena McKennitt, I know she used to be fairly popular, though I’m not sure about now. This has always been a favorite:

    (The Mystic’s Dream by her is another favorite as well, very calming.)

    Also, I have been looking for O Fortuna! All I could think of was Ride of the Valkyries, but I knew that wasn’t it, so thank you. And thanks for the heads up–that is quite a shift from the calm and trancelike beginning. Love the spoken voice toward the end.

    • Tha’ts also a great song there! Very good beat as well! Makes me want to dance around, which is the best effect music can have on me. So thanks a lot for that!

      And you are very, very welcome! I’m glad people like these songs too :D.


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