And I’m back!

And we’re back! I hope you guys had a great time while I was gone, but I don’t doubt it. Did I have a great time? Oh yeah, totally! Thanks for asking. It was amazing. We did a lot of Belgian things together. She was a great tourist!

We drank some typical Belgian beer. Because unless you don’t drink at all, you should try them. Nothing represents us better than our fluid gold. You’re more of a wine person? Well, that just means you haven’t tried the real Belgian beer. It is pretty impossible you don’t like any of them. According to Wikipedia there were 1150 original beers counted in 2011. Let that sink in for a moment.

Wait for it.

Yes, that’s incredibly much indeed! But we reached the good amount of trying six different ones in a few days. Yay!

She ate vol-au-vent, the favourite dish of many people here. It contains chicken, so I’m not a fan, but well, it’s something you have to eat if you come to live as a student here for a few days. No way around!

She ate a warm waffle. As in, a waffle, warm, with a lot of sugar. It’s something you find on every corner of the street here, more or less. Because Belgians sell so much food on the street. I never realised how focused we are on food and drinking.

We even have these places where you can buy only French fries and meat to go with it. And some drinks perhaps, but that’s it. You go there, ask what you want and they’ll prepare it right in front of you. It’s awesome and cheap and tasty. And it’s food, again. We like eating.

I hhave come to realise I’m not a bad guide, so if these pictures make you hungry and thirsty, feel free to book me! 😉

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  1. Welcome back! In your absence the weather turned even colder and I had to start wearing my coat on the way to work for the first time. Coats can be annoying, though the extra pockets are handy.

    Going on a binge of beer, meat, and waffles sounds brill. I’d be well up for a Belgian tour of some kind.

    I like the graffiti in the bottom pic, it looks just like ours.

    • Thank you!
      I know, I know… Though this morning the sun shone here. But it’s leaving now again… As long as the rain doesn’t return, I guess I can deal with it.

      Yep, coming to Belgium means eating and drinking, and perhaps visiting some churches…

  2. Wow I would like to be a tourist in your town especially if you were my guide! A good tour always revolves around food and drinks. I think you did a great job! Glad to have you back!

  3. Addie

     /  November 20, 2013

    Welcome home! The food photos made me hungry. Glad the trip was fun…you should take on a part time job as a tour guide.

  4. You are right about selling food outdoors I always think Belgium smells of burned caramel!

  5. Oh I miss waffles. Booking you. At some point. For sure. Ok?

  6. How wonderfully beautiful. Thank you.


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