Evil is the new sexy (part 2)

I don’t feel the need to be evil as much anymore since it stopped raining and the sun every now and then shows up, but still, there are too many good examples of evilness to just let go of the subject. Don’t miss out and read this too!
First, I want to show you a short dance clip from So You Think You Can Dance – the Flemish-Dutch version. This clip is about a writer and his muse, with Mad World from Gary Jules. Look at the setting, the clothes, the light! It’s one of the best pieces in that show as far as I have seen. But more importantly: look at the evilness of the girl. She is really good, really playing with him, and obviously in control. I’m still impressed every time I watch it. Look at the way she uses the table, her movements are so… great!
But I’ll stop talking, here’s the clip. (For those of you fearing dance: it’s only a short clip!)

Slightly unrelated, but I find this song a bit funny. He sings ‘When people run in circles it’s a very, very mad world’, and at my high school, people actually walked around in circles during the break all the time…

Okay, breathe again, the next part is not a dance clip, but a scene from Inception. If you haven’t seen this movie, see it asap. Seriously. Mal is an evil character in it, but that’s because she only appears in a dream version of herself. Scary, but with that dress and that look pretty impressive as well. But very, very scary above all…

Oh dear, oh dear. I’d be running for my life… Even though this is only in a dream!

If you start to think this is only a fiction phenomenon, think again. Have you ever heard the name Lyudmila Pavlichenko? She’s considered one of the best female snipers in the world, with 309 kills. She was a Soviet sniper during World War 2. It seems that she’s quite respected by everyone, of course in the first place by the Soviet Union, but she also traveled a lot and was greeted enthusiastically. I mean, I do respect her talent for shooting, but on the other hand it’s a bit of a scary talent… (Though I would like to learn how to shoot a whole, whole lot. I just wouldn’t be able to kill people. But things are different during wars of course.)

Forgive me one more dance clip, but this one in particular has to be mentioned. Most people have heard of Swan Lake already, but if you believe it is only about white swans running on stage, you’re wrong. This is a story of intrigue and deception, betrayal, honour, love! Oh the drama. In fact the main roles are two swans: the good white one, and the evil black one. The black one tricks the prince, makes him believe she’s the good white swan, and by that she nearly kills the white one. She’s obviously the more sexy one, the stronger one, she’s evilness pretending to be good.
My favourite ballerina, especially in these kinds of role, is Ekaterina Kondaurova. I’m aware that most of you probably don’t really care about turn out or perfect lines, but look at her eyes instead, her expression, the way she tricks the prince- it’s not just dancing, but acting as well. She’s so good with her eyes. It’s very real. You can put it in HD so you really see her face. It is especially that face of her that will trick you as well! So sit back and let yourself be deceived by the evil but sexy black swan, and see you next time for more evilness!


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  1. Great clips! (Especially those of Lorenzo & Black Swan!) I still quite agree with you on this subject. Evil can be sexy and hot! We all want a bad guy (or girl) to begin with, right? πŸ˜‰

    • Ah, I knew you’d like it, I hope I made your ill evening a bit better with these clips :).
      Yep, we do! πŸ˜€

      • Haha you did indeed..! Have you seen that dance that Min Hee choreographed for Ellen and Danny in the current season of SYTYCD? It was breathtaking..

      • Yeah, that was so different in a good way! Special, confronting, very good.
        Sytycd has produced quite some great dances. The one with Ne me quitte pas from Jacques Brel is also one of my favourites.
        Though I can’t really follow the show anymore since I’m on the train to Leuven every Sunday evening…

      • Ahwww that’s a bummer…. yes that one was also very gorgeous, I remember that one pretty well! I love the fact that Timor was back in the show to choreograph an amazing hip hop routine. He is such a gorgeous man… *MELT MELT MELTINGGGG*

      • Hahaha, someone’s a fan right? πŸ˜‰
        Well yeah, when I saw it again a few weeks ago, I must say it is cool sometimes, but all the talking is somewhat tiring… And all the videos end up on Youtube anyway ;).

      • True true true….. But it’s the usual sister night for my sister and me so yeah we usually end up watching it anyway πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, when I get the chance I do watch as well of course :D. Somehow it’s still kinda irresistible…

  2. That piece to Mad World is just great. You may make a dance convert of me yet! lol

  3. That muse, eh? What a bitch! And Inception is a great film.

    I’d never heard of that female Russian sniper before but a quick look on Wikipedia reveals some interesting info. A few months back I was looking for some books about the women who served in the Russian Red Army during WWII, but got distracted by some stuff about British women during WWII…

    • Muses are so unmerciful!
      And Inception is really really great. Which is why I keep using it in my posts…
      Hm, I’d like to know more about the women who fought in the World Wars. That’s a part people barely seem to know. Keep me updated when you find some cool stuff ;).

  4. Oh yeah. Now think about thousands of sniper women who don’t get a mention (not necessarily from Eastern Europe) πŸ™‚

    I love the Black Swan ballet clip, captivating πŸ™‚

  5. respect!

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