Welcome to the cage

Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable. You’ll be spending the next three weeks here, between these four walls, only coming out to eat and get something to drink. No, not in a bar. I mean to get yourself coffee in the kitchen. To stay awake and hydrated.

Between these four walls you’ll stay, you’ll sleep here, study here, sneaking around on the Internet while you really shouldn’t. After three weeks of continually being here, you’ll have the finals – you’ll be spending equally as much time here as between those other four walls. But those four walls, there you’ll do everything: sleeping, eating, studying, sneaking on the Internet, and drinking (coffee and tea, still). Repeat.

Every once in a while there might be a moment when you see someone else – they will be alive, but you just won’t be sure, because you don’t get to see anyone. You can suppose they’re alive, but you won’t see them often enough to really have the prove. Seeing people again will be weird. What are you supposed to say again? What can you even talk about? Nothing really happens. Your books will become your new best friends. (Though it’s going to be a hate/love relationship.)

You’ll forget what good-looking clothes feel like, or shoes, let alone makeup. You will partly forget what being in a bar feels like, but that won’t change the missing. It feels like being buried alive. Buried in books. The outside world, with people living and leaving the house and everything – too unreal. Can it be that there’s still a life after this? If you survive, that is.

The good part is that your parents take care of you. Food will be served, dishes will be done (with a machine that does the work for you, can you believe that?), groceries will be shopped. Your only job is to ram all the information into your head and survive.


Welcome to the cage.

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  1. The cage has the advantage of focusing you so you can get your studying done.
    I sent a week in the library once for finals.
    The whole week, leaving only for food an tests, and to change i the locker room.

    Hope it goes well!

    • But there’s Internet, so it’s tricky anyway ;).
      It does make you focused, yes. If I still had the possibility to go out, I wouldn’t do enough for the finals…

  2. Hey, having someone cook and clean for me while I read sounds like a vacation.

    Haha, I know it’s not quite the same, but focus on the positives and study hard. Sending you smart thoughts. 🙂

    • Thanks, Christy!
      And yes, there are upsides to this – and they do make it easier! Unfortunately not all my courses are that interesting, and I have IT – which is absolutely not my cup of tea and not that much reading either ;).

  3. Are finals over?! How did you do? Hope you survived and can relax now!

  4. Yep. the cage, plenty of room for everyone, too.

  5. Good luck with studying!!! And sometimes a cage can be pretty good to focus on stuff that need to be done!

  6. darling,good luck!
    check my latest post if you want too:)
    NEW POST -> tr3ndygirl.com


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