What’s this ‘Eve’ thing?

New Year’s Eve, let’s face it, is overrated. Everyone makes it sound as if it’s the best evening you’ll ever had, but in reality most cafes are closed and there isn’t much to do. My best NYE ever was on a bus. We didn’t plan that, but the bus was late so we ended up seeing all the fireworks on our way to a very lame party.
Now that is cool.

This year we had plans, but they kind of broke down in the end. So now I’ll spend this evening at home, thinking about 2013 and how this year has been. It was a year of more drinking and going out, it was the year of interesting courses, of disappointments, the year of a very crappy summer and the year of boring courses.

Overall I believe this year wasn’t very fun. Let’s hope 2014 will be worth it a lot more.

Next to that let’s forget my personal problem things. There have been two ‘events’ this year that I won’t forget.There’s the rising in Kyiv. I have been there a few months ago and now the people are trying to get what they want there – they want to belong to the EU. As a citizen of that EU I can understand that. It’s a peaceful rising and still it gets knocked down with violence. And it doesn’t seem to end. It’s a very sad thing, I feel for those people and I really hope they will get what they want – which is peace and a good life. I wish them all the best.

The second thing is the bombings in Russia. There have been two bombs in Volgograd in less than 24 hours. That’s madness. It broke my heart to hear this news. You’re talking about completely innocent people who are killed because of something. Which happens all the time, I know, but Russia is now somewhat closer to my heart. And it’s quite unexpected because this country isn’t in war. At the moment there are 34 casualties and still a lot of wounded people. In sincerely hope there won’t be any more casualties and I wish the people there, or anyone affected by this, a lot of courage and strength.

Let’s just not forget that every year again, we rack up the body count. That’s sad.

But still I wish all of you a year that’s better than 2013 has been! Much love, kittens and food, and  above all, much blogging!

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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, where do you live?

  2. Gloomiest NYE post ever. It’s amazing how a “superpower” like Russia can be so behind and unprogressive in so many aspects, socially and politically.

    • I wanted to make sure there was enough gloominess on WP tonight!
      We tend to think that Russia is very Western Europe like, but in fact it’s still a very different country. Which can be both good and bad, but I believe it’s too intolerant. Hopefully that will change this year…

  3. Welllllll…. let’s hope 2014 will bring some good things!!!

  4. I agree that NYE is always a bust. People build it up so much, but it’s pretty lame unless you have someone fun to kiss at midnight. I hope that 2014 is better and more peaceful than 2013! Happy New Year Astrid!

    • Hah, you’re very right about that! Unfortunately I don’t have that someone here now, boohoo.
      But there are plenty other days to kiss someone after all.

      Happy New Year to you as well!

  5. That guy playing the piano is going to have a better NYE than most people.

    • Well hopefully… But you probably have a better life in general when you’ve played the piano on front of the police. That’s pretty badass.

  6. New Year’s eve can be very tiresome, but I think it is sort of a stab at blind optimism – people have hope! About the bombings . . . I was looking at the Russian spokesman’s hair . . . he looked a retired military man from the 1960’s . . . My friend just said, “Well, you know he is Russian.” There is just something different about Russia and your observation that it is not just another part of Europe seems apt. That shows even in my silly observation about his hair. Let’s hope some positive aspects of Russian culture are preserved and the difficulties subside.

    • Hi there Elephant, I agree with you. There is some kind of feeling you can leave something behind and start something new and it might just be better!
      Russia is indeed different, which shouldn’t always be a problem or a bad thing. Instead it’s intersting to see differences. But sometimes those differences are just not what we consider to be good…

      All the best to you, Elephant!

  7. Same shit different year

  8. Happy New Year you!! Glad to have found you and in my corner heading forward 🙂 x

  9. I think the year should begin on Arbor Day.
    Just to confuse people.


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