I present you: Art

Currently no great spectacular news, though I completely nailed my computer stuff exam!, so I present you art.
Two summers ago I was in Madrid with some friends. We basically went from museum to museum, but that was okay, because it was bloody hot outside. One time we were in a museum where that was an exposition of Hopper running. One of my friends wanted to visit it, and I decided to accompany her. Good thing she wanted to see it, because it was great! Hopper’s art is very clear and calm. It’s simple in a strong way. Almost every painting has this sense of emptiness. Not just because there isn’t much present, but because of the atmosphere. I liked that. Life is already complicated enough, isn’t it?
His most famous painting is Nighthawks. I wouldn’t mind having that hanging on my wall… (Though having a famous painting probably gives a lot of stress and costs millions for just the insurance. I’ll go for the replica.)


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  1. Phillies? Like the baseball team or the female horses?

    I bet I know why you like this photo–the era depicts.

    • Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about either baseball or horses – so have your choice!

      This was painted in 1942 though, so I’m not all too sure I’d want to live back then, but it was for sure an interesting time. If only you think about fashion back then… Ahh.

  2. The Dancing Rider

     /  January 18, 2014

    Very familiar with Edward Hopper! You are correct about the atmosphere of his paintings, too, in my opinion!

  3. NotAPunkRocker

     /  January 18, 2014

    Glad to hear you passed the exam-thing!

  4. Mmm I love me some Edward Hopper. I saw an exhibit on him as well and I loved it. Nighthawks is one of the greats! Glad you had a chance to see his work in person!

  5. RO

     /  January 19, 2014

    Yay for the computer exam!!
    Never heard of Hopper btw, but I kinda like the one you shared in this entry so I might look into it some more!

  6. I like his work to

  7. I love Edward Hopper. To see his exhibit in Madrid would have been awesome. Jealous!
    You might like a recent post I did regarding art in films, if you have time 🙂


  8. Heh! That reminds me of my trip to DC summer 2012. It was bloody hot too and I spent every day inside the various Smithsonian museums.

    I always like that painting too. I am a night owl so it speaks to me

  9. Yay!! re the exam, I KNEW you’d do it and you didn’t disappoint….you realise I’ll be coming to your for all my CSS needs now tho, right? lol

    I love this print of Hopper’s. Kinda hard to believe it was painted way back in 1942.

    • Bring it on Eejit! By now I’m an expert at everything computerish! 😉

      It is indeed! But it’s really a ‘timeless’ painting it seems. Must have been great then and will always be great :).

  10. Congrats on the exam!

    It’s been noted that there is no exit door visible in that diner.
    Did it look even better in person?

    • Thanks!

      Wow, you noticed that! It’s one of the things that makes the atmosphere somewhat strange and uncomfortable.

      Actually I don’t remember seeing it… I’ve seen so many paintings there… But I’m sure it does.

  11. Very cool that you got to see this painting in person. That’s always a surreal moment.
    And congrats on the exam!

  12. The cool thing is that I remember a cartoon that was based on this painting! 🙂
    Well done on the computer stuff exam!

  13. YAY!! Congrats on nailing that exam!!

    That painting is hauntingly beautiful. And I agree, I’d rather go for the replica as well. Even if I COULD afford the original. 😉

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, imagine the stress it would give to have the real one… Besides, everyone should be able to see the real one, not just the owner :).

  14. I saw this painting in person too as part of a very cool Hopper exhibition too. It’s so striking and symbolic. His etchings were superb too.


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