After all this time

-After all this time, still…?
-Yes… Yes.
-But how?
-There are enough ways to keep it alive.
-When did you last see him then?
-You could say about a year and a half ago for the last time… Though I also saw him again in the summer. But that was too short…
-I didn’t know… I didn’t know that was even possible…
-Apparently, it is.
-So what are you going to do now?
-I don’t know. I don’t have the money to buy all the seasons…

Yes, my dears, I still like The Tudors a whole lot. So I’ve got two clips here for you, a video and a piece of music, to see or listen as you prefer. I just like them both a whole lot. For the video, skip to 4:33. This is the moment when Anne returns in Henry’s dream or illusion. It’s so heartbreaking to see her realize he thinks she’s guilty. And then she starts making him feel bad. Look at that little smile when she turns away again… She’s so good. It doesn’t take long, so go ahead and skip to 4:33.
The piece of music is called ‘Mary told of Chapuy’s death’. Very sad piece, but very, very beautiful. I can appreciate a good soundtrack for sure.



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  1. NotAPunkRocker

     /  March 9, 2014

    I love this show, I need to rewatch the series soon!

  2. Oooo… I remember watching several episodes of this show when it first came out. I think I streamed from some piracy site in Asia or something. Hmmm!

  3. I like when good television makes an impression like that.
    I just finished watching Dexter. It was a little disturbing, and probably not the best binge-watching choice.

    • It’s said to be good… But I guess it kind of changes your standards when you watch it. Like ‘hey, it’s okay to kill him!’ or something. Is that what you mean?

      • Yep. Immersing myself in it like that lets it bleed into my head until i shake it off.
        the most unsettling was probably 24, but I had a very trafficky hour drive to and from work at the time.

        Not good if you think anyone around you is a terrorist! πŸ˜‰

      • Hah no, I believe so! πŸ˜€

  4. RO

     /  March 11, 2014

    I have almost eaten this show alive.. I love(d) it so much!!! My bf and I were just talking about it recently, we really need to watch it alllll again πŸ™‚


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