To soothe a conscience

I know you’ve come to soothe your conscience. Just don’t blame me for making it itch. I only did what you did to me – and now you realize that I might be mad. Frustrated. Pissed of. Isn’t that late? You could have guessed before, that I wouldn’t swallow and nod. You said I was sweet. Maybe you didn’t see that sweetness has limits and ends – where you are now. Suddenly you seem to realize that. All of sudden it becomes clear… And only now.

I know you’ve come to soothe your conscience. In fact I didn’t even want to get along with this polite game we’re playing. I just wanted to ask where that came from now. After two months. Don’t even try to make me believe you still care about me that much. You just want to know whether I’m angry or not.

Well, I am. I am fiercely mad. It’s not just you, you know. It’s not just you and the fact that you ignored me. It’s all of you. All of you who ignored me after you made me believe I was different. I cannot stand that anymore. I cannot keep on taking it. I’m no longer swallowing and nodding. You know very well what you did, your actions are only for you to blame. Why would I accept that? You are terrible, all of you, for treating me like that. So yes, I’m angry. I have the right to be.

I know you’ve come to soothe your conscience. I hope it itches like crazy. You’re trying to make it calm down. But don’t expect me to help. Don’t expect anything from me anymore.

You’re the one to blame. Go whining somewhere else.

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  1. You tell them!

  2. This sounds really familiar NBI… Much peace, and here if you need to talk…

  3. Give em hell, NBi.
    You are different, in the best possible way. Too bad they realize it too late.

    • Aw thank you, Guapo. Maybe I’mm too different for them all along. But still they could have behaved like the adults they’re supposed to be.
      So yeah, I’ll give them hell :).

  4. Kick some butt girl!

  5. Didn’t writing it all make you feel better? Never allow emotions bottle up, especially when they are caused by people who are not worth them anymore 🙂
    GO GIRL!


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