Side Effects

Note: fear no dance clips or dance talk! I will only talk about the weird things you start to do when you are a dancer. Because it affects your life in the weirdest way… I have been dancing for twelve years now, and let’s take a look at the weird habits I’ve got now thanks to that.

1. Looking at feet and legs and having full conversations about them

Nice feet and legs are important in dance. Archy feet are admired. So you can easily spot dancers: when you hear someone having an entire conversations on feet, it’s prettyy safe to say you found him. Plus: as a dancer you tend to look at legs and feet, whether they belong to a boy or girl, and judge them by how they’d work out in dance.

2. Random arm movements

My arms are my weak spot in dance, so I tend to train movements when I’m not using them. Mostly when I’m studying or moving from spot A to spot B. My family is used to that by now, but I sometimes forget that I shouldn’t do that when there are other people around…

3. Moving from spot A to B by pirouettes

Or arabesques. Or piqués. Or whatever. It’s very hard not to throw in some moves when you get the chance. Though just like the arm movements, you should watch out where you’re doing that…

4. “I can’t have short hair, how am I supposed to tie it up in a bun then!?”

Look. This is a nice leg and a good foot. Not hyperflexible, but with a nice line. From Pointe Magazine I believe. Ekaterina Kondaurova.

5. Appreciating the smell of hairspray

It’s the smell of performances, so it’s a good smell, because performing is fun. I really like the scent, though I’m probably one of the few people in this world…

6. Turning out your legs when waiting in line

Why not train your turn out when you get the chance, right? Turnout is not as easy as it looks. So when you’re waiting in line, it’s the perfect setting to train it. Unless you don’t like to get weird looks, that is.

7. Having an extended knowlegde of classical music and French

It’s not unusual to like classical music, but as a classical dancer, chances are high that you know more about it than your neighbour, to name someone. You hear it so often, dance to it, see performances with it, it’s just a common thing. Right?
Everything in ballet has a French name, so wherever you live, you will know a bit of French.

8. Judging music on it’s ‘danceability’

I tend to like music when I can dance to it. I know I like music a whole lot when I really, really, want to dance to it. That’s why dubstep is a no-go for me. You can only dance it to it when you’re high or drunk, which I am not. So what’s the fuss about then? I also see movements in my head when hearing music. Thinking about dancers can keep me busy until I fall alseep. Making up random choreographies to the music playing in my head. It’s very calming.

They should put a warning on dance. ‘Affects your life in a serious way!’

So what are your hobbies and what weird habits have you got because of them?

Inspiration came when discussing feet over here.

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  1. NotAPunkRocker

     /  April 22, 2014

    Now I’m going to be on the look out to see if I see these behaviors in anyone else!

    I am sure I have some things, I just can’t think of them right off 🙂

    • Let me know if you spot them ;).

      The problem is that it feels so normal to yourself! It’s only when you compare your own behaviour to that of other people that you realize how weird it is…

  2. I’ve seen your legs, NBI, and they are fantastic long things.

    The ones belonging to that girl in the photo though… something about them doesn’t look right. It’s as if she’s got an extra knee.

    • Aw thanks! That’s one of the best things you can say to a dancer.

      I don’t exactly know what you mean… But maybe it has something to do with getting used to these sights.

  3. I found the hooks and grabs I learned rock climbing to be immensely useful when I was cooking in restaurants.

    practicing dance moves during your day is all well and good until someone suddenly breaks into The Nutcracker on the train.
    (No, I haven’t seen that happen.)

    • Hah, now you make me wonder how you cook! Must be impressive…

      Like that wouldn’t be funny to see :D. It oculd happen any moment though, with that whole flashmob thing going on. Keep your eyes open…

  4. Haha oooohhhhh YES. Remember I did this one post about ‘what people say about you when you are a ballerina or a horse girl’, I am guilty of everyone of these!! 😉

  5. I penche’ every time I pick something up, drink out of a fountain or turn on the shower. That is the one habit I know I picked up from. I also tend to work on pirouettes where ever I find a slick floor.

  6. This is so true! My niece is in Company and she is constantly dancing or coming on pointe. I think it is cool, especially since I have two left feet!

  7. How funny! I like to imagine you pirouetting your way around a grocery store, arms flitting about.

  8. See, it’s the same with working out – you assess the weakest, strongest points (my legs are my weakest but hello good core) and also think of songs in terms of their workout-motivation potential 🙂
    And I adore the fact that you know classic music well 🙂

    • Haha yeah, you probably start litening to all these uptempo songs that have the perfect beat to run to 😀

      Classical music is underrated. I’ve got a father who loves it and thanks to him I ‘m quite familiar with it anyway. Lucky me 🙂

  9. Addie

     /  April 25, 2014

    Odd habits? Too many to mention!! None, however, are as artistically beautiful as the ones you listed.

    • Of course I let out the ugly toes and the appreciation of the smell of ballet shoes ;). Come one Addie, now you’ve made me curious! 😉

  10. This was awesome! I do so many of these too. And no you’re not the only weirdo who likes the smell of hairspray…it always brings me back to memories of being backstage preparing for performances. 🙂

    • Yay, a fellow weirdo! 😀 Just kidding. I actually find all of these so normal by now… How can you dislike the smell of hairspray for god’s sake?


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