A not happy end

Unless a miracle occurs, I will not go to Russia this semester.

I’m still waiting for my invitation, I’m still waiting for news about a host family and some other things. Meanwhile, the academic year in Belgium has started as well. This is the first week. One more week before the deadline of ‘pick your courses’. If I don’t want to be running late everywhere, I will have to decide now what I will do.

But actually, the decision has been made. I will be staying in Belgium. If I go to Russia, I want to be there as long as possible, I want to do as much as possible there, I want to blend in. If I would still go, I would be late more than a month. That’s a lot. It’s a pity to not be there as long as possible, too. Today is the last day. If I still get a phone call – ‘your invitation has arrived’ – today, I will go. But that’s not very likely to happen.

I will stay even though I want to go to Russia so badly, even though I don’t want to stay at all, even though I have done all this effort to go. My holiday didn’t mean anything, because I was waiting. I have thrown away three months for something that will not happen. I have had so much stress for something that will not happen.

It still feels like a punishment, but I guess I’ve paid my debts by now. I feel like a zombie.

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  1. NotAPunkRocker

     /  September 25, 2014

    Ugh, I am sorry it turned out this way. Any chance on opportunities next semester (I forget what year you are in now)?

    ((hugs)) I wish for a phone call today, but if for some reason that isn’t going to happen, then I hope you are able to get there soon.

    • I will try again next year – and make sure everyone is doing their job in time for a change! Theoretically it’s still possible for me to next year, so it’s something.

      Hugs are always great, especially now, so ((hugs)) back πŸ™‚

  2. Oh dear, poor NBI.

    I reckon you should go there for the weekend and swan around in your finest dress, just to show them what they’re going to be missing.

  3. Aww chum I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you. All I can offer is hugs xx

  4. Keep the faith! Sometimes in the face of adversity…opportunity arises. Sad to hear you are disappointed by the current direction.

  5. You must try again next year but start acting really early – that’s the only way to go, as these documentation things take ages plus they are always late!
    Please don’t be sad and these three months still gave the experience of how you need to act in the future. I had similar situations before – they were nerve wrecking but they made me a stronger person altogether, I promise!

    • Yes, this time I know that I have to take control immediately. I’m better prepared for sure…

      It’s very disappointing, but I know that I have done what I could, and it surprised me to see how I reacted to it – in a good way. However stupid it is, at least it’s not my fault…

  6. This is not very good news, you’ve been anticipating a trip to Russia and immersing yourself in the culture. I hope things work out for you ASAP !!

  7. I knew it would not take you long to bounce back! Make sure you make most of your next opportunity!


     /  October 2, 2014

    oh my. that’s some poor organisational skills (the guys in charge).

    • Yup – and much of the problem is not caused by the Russians, like everyone seems to think!


         /  October 3, 2014

        In fact, Russian student exchange normally works just awesome (a friend teaches at the MGU, so I’ve heard a few stories)

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