Golden Oldie

A few weeks ago, I told my father that for some strange reason, I wanted to watch Troy again. I have no idea how I came up with it, but I just suddenly wanted to see it once more. Two or three weeks later, Troy was broadcasted on tv.

Speaking of coincidence! Maybe someone has taken pity on me for not going to Russia, and maybe he is trying to cheer me up by doing these little things that light up my day. I like it.

It’s not like I haven’t seen Troy before, I have seen it multiple times, but at an age when I couldn’t really enjoy it to the fullest, I believe. Of course I know the story and everything, but there’s more to movies than just the plot line. I wanted to see the images and hear the music and just watch a movie of which I know I will like it. So yesterday we watched it again, and we all enjoyed it here. There are so many stunning one liners, great comebacks and brilliant scenes. For example this quote:

“I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”

Achilles says this to the Trojan girl he kind of stole and who becomes his lover. She was a servant in a temple.

Achilles is one of those characters who make this movie so great. He is so stubborn and doesn’t want anyone controlling him. He seems so good, but then kills Hector and treats him so badly, and you want to like him still. Then there is also his king, Agamemnon, such an asshole. Oooh, you just hate him for being greedy and brutal. But he’s got some of the best lines from the movie, and the way he says them makes them close to epic. (Then every son of Troy… shall die.)

In the end, they basically all die. Well, almost all of them. This is not exactly how the myth goes, but hey, at least the good guys don’t all survive. Greek mythology isn’t the one inventing the happy end after all!

There are many more examples and an IMDB page full of quotes, which I won’t share here – though I would like to. Let me just tell you that nothing compares to a proper Greek myth. There is barely anything you can’t find in these stories. They are so full of reall humans, real feelings, real reactions. Greek mythology, I think, can teach us way more about human nature than the Bible. I love those stories, and I like this movie a whole lot.


Which Golden Oldie do you want to see or read again?

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  1. I was about to mock you for calling it a golden oldie, until I popped onto Wiki and saw that it was released 10 years ago!


    I don’t think the critics liked it, but I thought it was decent enough romp to sit and watch.

    • Ow, I wanted to include that in the post, but obviously I forgot in the end. Time flies, and you notice that when movies suddenly are old…

      Yeah, who cares about the critics, I just like what I like 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen this since it came out. I’ll hafta go watch it again.

  3. NotAPunkRocker

     /  October 12, 2014

    I need to rewatch Star Wars. M posted on Facebook while I was at work he was rewatching the original trilogy and I replied: “Without me? Noooooooooooo!”

    When we are done with that (again), then it will be Star Trek again. Shatner-style LOL

    • Last week I was talking to someone about not having seen those movies, so it’s about time I see them for the first time 😀

      • NotAPunkRocker

         /  October 13, 2014

        That may have been me, actually. Or I seem to remember it has come up before 🙂

      • Now you say so, we might have talked about it indeed! But there was also someone in real life with whom I discussed it, and we said we would watch them together 🙂 (So hopefully we will!)

  4. I know the post is about the film of Troy cheering you up just a bit. But whenever I see that you type something about Russia, I feel sad for you- however if you consider not going to Russia (yet) a case of bad luck, there is something I always believe in (which the mom always tells me to cheer me up).. If you find yourself having a lot of bad luck, something really good is about to happen! & I hope the good luck finds you!!

    • It’s very kind of you to feel for me like that! And I look forward to that something really good! 😉 But you know, if I had gone this year, I would have missed out a month. If I go next year, I’m more likely to miss nothing. So that at least is quite comforting… 🙂

  5. For me, it has always been, and always will be Cleopatra. Oh may it never be remade. Please.


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