Diving into another year

However much I don’t like to look back on the past year, just because the events aren’t the result of it being 2014, I still end up kind of liking the fact that it’s over. And with that I kind of believe that things can go better because it’s a different year. Which is weird, but I’m surely not the only one!
This year hasn’t been my favourite, by far. First someone made my self-esteem shrink away to the max, and then my dream to go to Russia got shattered in front of my eyes. And yet there were many moments I cherish. Bad things seem to affect a way longer time, but good things come in moments. The moment of sitting in the sun with friends and having a beer, the moment of being on stage and dancing in a choreography that fits you so much, the moment of being on a trip with friends, the moment of making new friends, and so on.

Years are never just good or bad. There was sadness in 2014 (enough sadness for sure), and there was happiness. As always. For this year it won’t be different, but this time I hope that the happiness will surpass the sadness by far. I hope that studying in Poland will be a whole lot of fun, that my Polish will improve a lot, and that I will be able to overcome all the difficulties that inevitably show up. I hope that I will finally get to Russia, that it will be worth all the waiting and whining, that my Russian will improve as well. I hope to make friends for life in Poland and Russia. I hope I will find a way to get everything go right. That’s an eternal wish of mine. I hope I will have the feeling that I’m doing things the right way. That I’m not messing up.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that 2015 will go smoother than the past year has gone, that we will all find or keep a good partner, that our family and we may have good health and so on. We all silently know this won’t be the case, not all of it at least, but we’ll make the best of it. We’ll get more moments we want to remember forever, we’ll enjoy ourselves sometimes, and that’s something to look forward to.

I’m also looking forward to have your company this year, to read your posts and comments, and to share the blog-thing with you. So let’s go and try to make these 365 days ahead into wonderful memories together!

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  1. NotAPunkRocker

     /  January 2, 2015

    Well said. Let’s hope the balance between happy moments vs. Not-so-great goes in our favor in 2015.

  2. To 2015!

    *Clinks glasses*

  3. Aww chum I really do hope that 2015 is your year, and here’s to creating many more moments for you to cherish πŸ™‚


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