A cool housewive to be

Let me tell you something: the smell of mint tea can be one of the best things ever. Whatever the hour is, or wherever you are – mint tea never gets old. It smells like peace and quiet. We used to have our own mint in the garden, and then we would have real fresh mint tea. That was great.

Good, so far the philosophical rant on tea. You know, time really flies when you are trying to make your life work out. I’ve been here for two weeks now, which is not all that long. The past week I finally bought myself a desk lamp, for when I will actually start to do homework. So far I haven’t had too many classes yet, so not so much homework. So far, that is. I also bought coat hangers. These details, as it seems, can make your life be more like your life, and not like some kind of temporarily state. Because it is for four months. Everything here should feel like it belongs to me when I leave. The city as well. But for someone with my sense of orientation I’m doing a good job, I think! Maybe this is just an easy city or something.

Living here is not bad at all. It already feels quite comfortable. I don’t mind doing things on my own, I don’t even mind not becoming friends with all of my classmates immediately. Maybe that’s because I think it’s very cool that I do this, living abroad like this. It gives me some sort of strong feeling. I’m really doing this! I’m really cooking for myself everyday, I’m doing the dishes, the laundry, I even sewed the broken pocket of my winter coat. All of this sounds like I’m turning into a housewive, but somehow I find myself really cool for just doing it. And for talking Polish and Russian! However slowly it happens to be, I can talk to the people here, I can order food and drinks and I can aks for information. I even follow courses in Polish. Which is very hard and sometimes overwhelming, but still, I’m really doing it. Which is cool.

I start to take great pride in the fact that I speak six languages. Well, that’s exaggerated, because I’m not fluent in six language, but if I have to, I can talk in six languages. And however stupid and discouraging it can be, it proves itself worth it completely.

So me is doing well here 🙂 How are you guys?

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  1. For me, it’s buying a pillow when I move somewhere new. Not sure why.

    Looking forward to more stories of you conquering Poland!
    (Poor Poland…)

    • Maybe because a good pillow is so important? I’m thinking of buying myself one too here.
      Nothing poor Poland, they gotta love me, I speak Polish for god’s sake! 😉

  2. If you’re getting excited about being able to buy coathangers, then I reckon that’s proof enough that you’re enjoying yourself out there… which is very good news indeed. With all this sewing and cooking you sound like you’ve gone a Girl Guide camping trip.

    Is there a zoo there? I reckon you should ask for directions to the zoo, simply because it’s quite a funny word. Be sure to ask where the Polish elephants are.

    Currently I’m ill with a cold, and counting my blessings that only one language is being spoken.

    • Haha, I think you’ve got a point there! And maybe the whole ‘studying abroad’ thing is just a way to make girls still go on a Girl Guide camp. (If so, it’s worked.)

      Oh, poor you. Take care, drink tea, and get well soon!

  3. I love that statement that everything should feel like your own when you leave … it is so true and you are clearly just absolutely getting under the skin of the place that is home for some months. And that is the trick … mint tea and darning thread, coat-hangers and cooking – fantastic. And 6 languages however stuttering are 5 more than most have. I have 4 so I am humbled, miss!

    • I hope I am! But I have found that I can quite easily adapt to new environments. Not in the sense of finding my way, but more that it feels like home very quickly. I like that 🙂

      Which four, if I may ask? I suppose the list includes English and French? I have to give credit to our school system, by the way. I think Belgium kind of feels like no one will listen to us if we don’t speak another language, so lucky us, we get three extra languages in high school already 🙂

  4. Haha – yes, I imagine it is essential to learn languages in Belgium whereas I’m afraid that the British are notoriously bad. I speak English (native), Italian (fluent), French (increasingly fluent) and Russian (not well but learned at school for 6 years – I would love to spend a chunk of time there to really improve it).

    • That’s very impressive! And Russian even, lovely 😀

      • I have my brother to thank … he was really good at maths and science therefore I figured I had to excel at something else if I wanted to be noticed so arts and languages it was for me!!

  5. How admirable of you! Enjoy every second of your experience (which you seem to be doing already.) My husband is half polish and regrets that his father never spoke to him in Polish growing up. 🙂

    • I will, I will! That’s quite a pity indeed, being able to speak two languages very fluently is really cool! But hey, it’s never too late to start I suppose 😉

  6. Omg. Three words: Moroccan Mint Tea. That is the best smell and taste in the world.

    I am soo glad you are liking it… But I always knew you would!

    • Oh yes, for sure!

      Well, I was afraid I wouldn’t, but I feel that it’s already changed something about me. I can’t really explain, but I’m happy with it!


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