Here we are again

My second year of university just started and things are busy. It’s just the first week, so there’s not yet a routine I can count on. Next to that I’m stil figuring out some stuff (what courses will I take? how on earth can I write ‘š’ on the computer?) and so on.
O, and I’ve already made bad mistakes. Couldn’t have been different I guess… Here we are again.

But from now on I’m going to make good decisions, be a good student and think about the future and everything. It’s good to be back here though, because after having spent threee months at home, I feel a bit like this…


And whenever I feel too tired or whatever to have the energy to be a good student and person and to party, I just listen to this instant energy bomb.
Really. It wakes me up everytime again. Next to that we suspect a classmate of us failed a cass but got a good grade because of a mistake. Sabotage!

Life Choice # 6: Day or Night?

Up here, there’s a saying that can be roughly translated to ‘mornings are gold’. It’s the saying people use to get you out of your bed in the middle of the night… At least, what I consider to be the middle of the night. But I’m a night owl. Every morning I struggle to get out of bed, especially when there’s nothing fun to look forward too, or nothing as stressy as an exam. I need a really, really good reason to obey the alarm clock. After having the same alarm clock for 7 years or something, I still wake up quite often thinking ‘what’s this noise? What’s that? How can I stop it? I want it to stop! But how?’ Then I realise it’s the alarm clock, and I push a button, sometimes multiple buttons before I hit the right one that releases me from the annoying sound (which is just the radio, not even the annoying beep thing).
So yeah, mornings aren’t really gold to me… On the other hand, nights are my habitat. As often as I wake up disoriented, I can feel myself really waking up at 10 PM. And why go to sleep when you’re not tired? Having class all day and then going out until the sun comes up again – no big deal. I even managed twice to do this, and then without having slept I went to my morning class. I was pretty dead afterwards, and I sincerely promised myself never to do it again, but still I survived and really did that.

Mornings are made to work, you have to get up early because there’s stuff to be done and you should start with that as soon as possible. But nights are made for fun. You can either dance ’till sunrise or watch a movie, or listen to music before you go to sleep, it doesn’t matter – nights aren’t made for all duties you have to do. (It’s different when  you have an exam the next day, or when you do night shifts.) They have some kind of magic as well. You can dress up, put on makeup, lots of it because you won’t see it that hard, and become your ‘nighty’ self. When you don’t go out, nights still have this kind of ‘coziness’. Light a candle, close the curtains and enjoy your little cave. If you don’t even do that, remember that you sleep at night. Nothing feels as good as a warm, nice bed when you’re tired. That’s also a part of the night-time.

I guess it’s pretty clear I’m a night owl. No, I don’t like the idea of getting up because there’s too much that has to be done, too much that can bother you. No, I don’t feel well when I leave my bed so soon. It makes me nauseous instead. Just let me run around in moonlight and me is happy.

Kind of true sometimes. But still better than days.

What about you? Do you prefer day or night?

Life Choice # 5: Cake or Death?

This man is brilliant.


Like this, then see this as well.

Humour Level: Finals

Tomorrow, I will have my last exam. Until that very moment, I will laugh at this jokes.

“Microwave at work is now demanding human sacrifice.”

The exact truth.

Hipster Willis Carrier

All via and memebase.


Hidden talents

1. Spotting rain.

When I say it’s raining, it is raining. Trust me. Even though you might not see it. I’m never wrong.

2. Intonation.

My Russian teacher said my intonation was very good after my last oral Russian exam. I guess it’s a talent… Right?

3. Making spaghetti.

As in: warming up spaghetti. With my spaghetti-make-Tupperware-something. I got it from a friend and it’s like the best gift I ever got.

Heavenly, heavenly this.

4. Remembering music.

Like, really well, every instrument and every note. This mostly occurs when I’m half awake, and often I seriously have no clue of what song it is. I just lie there, the music plays in my head and I feel like I’ll never forget it – which I do. And I never find out which song it was. Almost never. But the music is somewhere in my head, hidden, locked up, waiting for a moment to come out and haunt me.

5. Writing without editing.

I once had an exam for which I had to write an essay, two pages max. While everyone was making schemes and writing it down as a draft first, I just started writing as soon as I had a general idea of what I wanted to say. The point is, if I write it down somewhere else first, I will be tired of it as soon as the draft version is finished. I kind of hate writing the same thing twice. So most things I write are pretty editing-less.

6. Getting a heart attack because of myself.

I can freak myself out by climbing creaking stairs, or by using the toaster. One tip: do not watch the toaster. It somehow enlarges the shock when you’ve got the visual effect as well.

Talented me, right? But what are your hidden talents?


It was Mooselicker saying I should write poems on every month, so thank him if you like these.

It’s June, the sun has returned
(And guess what, my legs were already burned)
But now I’m inside, finals coming up
And I’m so tired I can’t even use rhyme anymore…


The trees are beautiful green
We’ve already entered May
Then why the hell I ask you
Are the days still f*cking grey?


Life Choice # 2 : Mozart or Skrillex?

Because when having to decide upon something, you might want to hear some opinions.

You might have seen it already, but on YouTube there’s this channel doing all sorts of epic rap battles. They’re truly epic – all kinds of people are brought up and the lyrics are hilarious. I stumbled upon this one: the clash between Mozart and Skrillex. So the question is: who came up with the best lyrics?
Besides that, who came up with the best music? Personally I must admit Skrillex can be acceptable at certain kinds of parties, but I’d never listen to it voluntarily. Mozart though was a true genius, and his music is still great even now. You might have noticed already I kind of like classical music every now and then… Isn’t that special? The way it still survives? I believe so.

So I’d pick Mozart. Certainly when watching that last move he does in this video.

Who do you choose?


Whatever you do, be prepared…

It was a normal sunday during a normal year when I was 17. Sundays were never really exciting. There wasn’t a single reason to leave the house, so there wasn’t a single reason to put on make up or to dress up. I used to just pick some clothes and walk around looking ‘casual’. If only my family saw me, why would I do any effort? I’m vain, but also lazy. So to hell with it.

So I sat there, reading a magazine, casually as ever. Soon I’d do some more school related stuff, but I was  17 and life was easy, school was easy, everything was boring as it always was. How could I have foreseen what was about to happen? How should I have known? I only recently got to know we had nice neighbours, only four houses next to us, with even some kids a bit older than my brother and I. For years I suspected our street to be populated with old people. I was just sitting there, naive, not knowing what would happen next…

My parents, for some reason, left to see the neighbours and I could hear them return. But suddenly, I heard more than two voices. Wait – they were bringing someone? Oh noes, the neighbour. And I look bad. Sad thing. Wait – that’s not only the neighbour, that is, no wait, do I-


A moment of silence. My parents, introducing me to the most handsome, good-looking, pretty, beautiful Son of the Neighbours. A guy like you imagine a beautiful guy. Someone who would make it in life, just graduated, smart, clever, living so close to us, standing so close in front of me.

Me. ‘Casual’. Looking crappy. Wearing some random clothes I could find. Without makeup. My hair quickly tied together.




It traumatized me. For months I couldn’t stop thinking how stupid it all was, how I would never leave the house without makeup, o dear lord, what does he think of me…? Makeup was my dearest friend from then of. Never would I be trapped in such a situation again. I told my parents they should warn me (sirens, smoke signal, whatever) before bringing someone to our house on a Sunday. Slowly, the memory faded. No, that’s not true. I suppressed it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done what I did later on…

We went on a holiday, by car, and we returned on a random Friday. That holiday, I always met a friend on Friday, and as we arrived at home quite early, I decided we could still go for a drink that night. Of course I hadn’t done much effort to look good – sitting in a car for an entire day ruins every effort you do anyway. I still had the time to fix it at home, I thought. But as the hours passed by, I realized there wouldn’t be all too much time. Nah, whatever, I thought, and I left the house a bit in a hurry to be on time, by foot.

The gods conspired against me or something – right when I walked past The House of the Neighbours, the door opened and they all came out. The man, the woman, the wife of the eldest son, and then…

…the handsome son, in a white Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt. Looking better than ever. And I, I walked right, almost straight out of the car. Makeup? Barely. Nice hair? To be washed. Face overall? Let’s not think about it. Fuck my life. Again.

Since that day, I understood all hope was lost – I had to let him go. He had seen me in the worst situation. Our love was doomed to die. I decided I loved him enough to let him be happy with a girl who was fully in makeup when he met for the first time.


A lot of months have passed, but believe me, never have I been tricked again. I’ve been in a similar situation several times, but each time I was prepared. I’ve seen friends of a friend on the bus I take each Sunday, and I always wore makeup. I’ve met that friend several times out of the blue, but I always wore something nice.

You never know who’ll you meet somewhere.

Preparation is everything.

A supernatural thing going on

Dear readers, I start to believe I’ve got supernatural powers. Strange things are happening, and I can but explain them by presuming something supernatural. There are too many things to sum up here, but there are a few I’d like to tell you about. Feel free to give your view on all of this…

Okay, here we go. Sunday. A very normal, calm, lazy day. I was studying for my upcoming test by doing excercices on the Internet. Those exercices demanded words typed in Polish, so I installed the Polish keyboard and used it. But then, completely out of the blue and with no reason at all, I couldn’t change it into a regular Dutch keyboard anymore. Like it was stuck or something. At that point, I was able to use the Polish keyboard, but my family isn’t, and as the computer I was using is our so called ‘general computer’, so it was quite freaky… We shut the thing down, did another startup, and then, again out of the blue and with no reason at all, he knew the Dutch keyboard, and the US one, but not the Polish one…

A very, very weird thing.

Later on, I was randomly walking through our hallway, but it was getting dark already, so I wanted to turn the light on. I touched the button and-BAM. Darkness. That’s exactly the opposite if what I tried to do when touching the light button, right?

A very weird thing as well.

Yesterdat, then. I wanted to use the Internet, because I sometimes like to mess aroung there, every now and then. But if I want to use the Internet here, I have to log in somewhere. So I tried to log in, and he said: Log in NOT succeeded. In red letters. Ouch. Maybe, I thought, my password was wrong. So I tried again, but: Log in NOT succeeded. Okay… I thought. I knew someone else here had some problems with Internet as well, but unfortunately she couldn’t help me. Luckily there was another person with problems as well, and he came to take a look at my dramatical absence of Internet, and he solved it.

Apparently, I was logged in somewhere, but I’ve got no idea where that could have been. Either way, I had to log out before I could log in.

Weird things are happening. I have the feeling I’ve got electricity or something running through my veins, powers that men could only dream of…

But apparently I’m using them wrongly :).