Buses and their content

Sometimes you seem them passing by without anyone, sometimes they’re even more filled with people than H&M at the first day of sales. Living where I live, I don’t often have to use buses, nor trains. As a real Flemish girl, I just go by bike. Or by car, if I find a driver. But sometimes, buses are way easier. When my mother and I go shopping in Antwerp, for example, we refuse to go by car. Parking isn’t really a cheap hobby… And driving isn’t either.

A really Flemish bus

If you’re lucky, it can be fun to be on a bus. This time, we got in a conversation with a very nice dude (if you read this, dude, hi!). It was really fun talking to him. It’s amusing how many things you tell each other, but when leaving the bus, you don’t even know each other’s name. And still, by now, we know what he’s studying, what he has done already, to which school he went, his opinion on euthanasia and everything.

A small sidenote: we went shopping, but in the end, we returned home with only a Mucha calendar. Pathetic.

On our way back, I’ve been busy with listening to other people’s conversations. There were two girls who were saying stuff like ‘I’ll miss our week’, ‘Maybe we’ll be living together next year!’ and everything. Later on, one of them left the bus and the other had a phone call.

“Hi girl!” (in English!)
“Hi boy!”
“Stuh.” (No clue at all what she meant by that.)
And so on.

I always try to guess what’s going on. But sometimes, you don’t have to guess. Once, there was a woman in the same bus as us, talking very loudly about her being lesbian. It was like everyone had to know.
“One of those girls immediately knew! That was so weird! SHe just knew it and I hadn’t told her! Did you expect me to be like this?”
The friend answered more silently: “No no, not really.”
“Yes, what I thought! People sometimes just know it, that’s weird!”
During this monologue, the friend murmured something every now and then, but her investment to the conversation was really small.

Sometimes, I’m too busy listening to other people’s conversations. Than I try to formulate a sentence while listening to the woman behind me (“He can arrange it for forty euros! Yes! I’ll call her to tell her!”), and then I go like: “Yes, I find it… rather… good… I think…”, “Maybe… you might… be… right.” My sentences fail because of my lack of concentration. I just feel the urge to follow up everything happening in other people’s lives. And if I don’t feel that urge, I don’t always have a choice… “YES HE CAN DO IT FOR FORTY EUROS. FORTY. YES. I’LL CALL HIM BACK THEN, OKAY?”

Interesting places for sure…

A few basic movie rules

1. If there’s one woman and one man at least involved, they will have kissed at the end of the movie.

2. However hard they fall, whatever explosion occurs close to them, they will survive. Pretty remarkable, isn’t it?

3. Try guessing who’ll survive and win – yes, it’s always the same thing in those movies.

4. Often there’s this guy with the ultimate pokerface. Almost gets shot? Pokerface. Risky trade? Pokerface. Insults? Pokerface.

5. A man with a Spanish accent is always Banderas. (Must admit the’s a good actor)

6. However many bodies are spread throughout the movie, it doens’t seem to matter at all. No one seems to wonder who’s killed them or something.

7. However much goes wrong, there will be a happy end for our beloved good guys.

These are some things I learned when watching movies, Assassins in particular.

You only live twice – if you stay with me during a zombie attack…

We’re close to the end of the big contest made by Le Clown. Soon from now we’ll know who’s on the blogroll after all, and who isn’t. We all fought and battled until the last breath, but it was worth it. It definitely was.

Thanks to this competition, people refer to Le Clown’s blogroll as ‘the blogroll’. It’s more like a concept now. Thanks to the contest, I promised to write a post on why you want me in your team during a zombie attack. You know, it’s not unlikely that there’ll be  zombie attack. We can send strange things to Mars, why couldn’t there be zombies then? But don’t worry, if they’re heading towards us, I’ll help you out!
Stay close to me because…

1. I speak four languages, in the near future six languages, and I can translate Latin. I mean, we don’t know which language they use, right?

2. I’m quite good at laser shooting. That means: if you give me a non-moving zombie, enough time, silence and a laser gun, I’ll hit him. Useful, isn’t it?

3. I’m in a team with Love&Lunchmeat. She’s like necessary during a zombie attack. Read why.

4. I’ve got red eyes and a grizzled skin, which must be very attractive to zombies. No one (except freaks) eat people they find attractive.

5. Being right is my hobby. If they decide to debate with me (should we kill you – yes/no), I’d probably win.

6. You’ve got no idea how hard the noses of pointe shoes are. Weapons, that is what they are, real weapons.
(The trick is to use them as slings.)

Take the pointe shoe by the drawstring. Follow further instructions.

Stay close to me and everything will be fine! If you like my entry on the last call for the blogroll, you’ll be on top of the list of people to help. But be quick! Be very, very quick!

Oh, and thanks.

Arriver à temps for the French exam

If there is something I’m bad at, it’s computing. By which I mean: whatever time of the day it is, I’ll always be late. Because I believe in the power of my legs and the speed of my bike. Because I simply have no feeling for computing whatsoever. When having oral exams, that is quite unhandy. My exam was at 11.30. I had been awake for hours already, I was done with studying, I was all prepared…

And yet I waited. ‘It’s too early’ I thought. ‘Ill be there too soon’ I thought.

What was I thinking? That, obviously, but seriously: for an exam, you can never be too early.

That’s what I realised when eventually biking to school. It was way warmer then I had expected, so I wore a jacket (DEAR LORD that was warm). Soon after mounting my bike, I said to myself to I had made the wrong calculations. I wouldn’t have been in time if not the unbelievable power of my legs (and some wind in the right direction). But then, then I had to wait for a train to pass by. I was already eating myself (dearlordI’llneverbeintime) when the train stopped.

It stopped three seconds after having started to move. I mean, trains should NOT stop when you’re late already. Never, actually. I was already telling myself that things would go wrong, I’d be way too late, blablablah, when the train started moving again.

And nothing had happened after all.

I arrived at school in a state of hurried warmth (not to say sweaty), and with my brightest smile (gaspgasp) I said ‘Bonjour’.

I did my exam well enough.

I returned home. Though that sounds easy, it wasn’t. Because the wind that helped to get in school at time, still moved in the same direction. It took me many minutes to get home. On top of that, it almost started to rain, so I drove even faster. My state of hurried sweatiness only got worse.

But when I arrived home, at least my cat lifted his head to see I was back home. The consolation of two listening ears, and the softest fur ever.


A smile a day

Today, I found this great blog (I don’t know it it’s still alive), called Made Me Smile, and the following picture is one I stole from there. It made me smile.

Find your country.

It’s a sunny day, therefore…

The eyes of men staring at you, just because you wear a skirt… I told you how I think about that. But the last three days I’ve been wearing a skirt, and all of the men were very friendly and gave me priority in the traffic. Now that are the advantages of being a young skirt wearing female! I have considered doing the test before. We have a rather busy road behind our house, and when crossing it, it are moslty men who stop for me. Especially in summer time it doesn’t take long before someone stops for you. But summer time = all skirts, so that might be the explanation.
I really should do the test.

As the sun has begun to shine anyway today, my brain gets a sort of trigger to laugh and smile, to rise and shine, and above all, to like silly humour. But hey, silly humour is humour too.



Once I had to use a shower with a... a... *brain dies* a sensor, so you had to wave your hand every five seconds. Die, shower, die.

All of this thanks to the wonderful, well-known Memebase.

Military operation – Science Magazines

Background: NBI needs 7 articles about science, more specific about the universe.

Team: Father of NBI

14:22  Enter library. Enter magazine section.
14:23  Collect right magazines. Check for right articles, while sitting next to bunch of old men.
14:56  Articles collected. Magazines piled in most efficient way.
15:01  Start copying. NBI passes on magazines on right page. Father of NBI copies.
15:12  Copying done.
15:13  Put stickers with information about the source on the copies. Fold copies into A4.
15:15  Leave library.

Mission succeeded with military precision.

Tag Line 2

Part 2 of Mission Tag. This time, I thank Addie (thanks, Addie) for these easy, quickly answered questions.

1. Die a bit younger with all your facilities or, die at a ripe old age, having no idea what is going on.

Die a bit younger, I guess. Having all your facilities is a nice thing.

2. Have you ever eaten gefilte fish?

*lets Google translate do his job* I think not. I’m not very fond of eating dead animals, you know… So I wouldn’t choose it myself, I guess.

3. Your perfect companion. (Yes, LiC and Guap, you may just post photos of your beloved).

Oh dear, I feel so single… Anyone who worships me, or anyone who is interesting. I mean, interesting to me, forever. And a nice body would be pleasant too. Intelligence is needed. Otherwise you really cannot understand my spontaneous remarks and jokes. Further on some stuff no one wants, like humour and kindness.

4. Do you still write real letters?

No, and I find that quite a pity! I do have a diary though, but I don’t write in letter form. Writing by hand is still more fun than typing. But also slower.

5. Movie or play or book?

Book. There aren’t much movies or plays that really impressed me so far. (I’m saying this so many times that I’m afraid I seem to be whining…)

6. What have you done you’d prefer your parents not discover?

After 17 years there aren’t too many things I should hide for my parents. In fact I’m a really nice girl. Never been drunk. Never smoken a cigarette. Never taken drugs.

7. Do you/Did you like your inlaws? (me Nope.)

I hate them because I don’t have them… 😉

8. Regular coffee or the fancy schmancy stuff?

Cappuccino. With whipped cream. I drink no other coffee than that.

9. One thing on your bucket list.

(Is this about things to do before you die…?) There are many things to do before I die. But somehow, I cannot think of something right now…

10. Biggest surprise you’ve had.

Unfortunately not a surprise party! Why does my memory let me down? Oh wait, when I discovered that the Belgian version of Santa Claus didn’t exist, there was disbelief. I still find a bit cruel of the friend who told me that. I was too young. I couldn’t deal with it.

11. Pick an ethnicity other than you own. Why?

Russian. Does that count as an ethnicity? Because I like the Russian language and I’ll probably do it at university.

Now I have to pick other bloggers to answer to my questions….
Which is hard…
Let’s say I’ll do that another time!

Catwoman 1.2

Oh, after seeing this, I really really want to be Catwoman! I’ll be saying ‘meow’ all day long…

Dear servants

Dear servants and human beings I live with,

Do you eat the same everyday? No. I witnessed several of your dinners, breakfasts and lunches (but the last ones rarely, as they can’t really offer me pleasure), and your variation of feeding is stunning. You hardly eat the same thing twice in two days. Admit it! I know it. I was there.
Then why, my dear servants, should I eat the same thing my entire life? Now tell me, why wouldn’t I like to try something different from what I consume daily? Exactly – I demand new food, now.

And you, as inferior human beings, should not complain if I try to taste what you’re eating. It’s just a natural reaction to which you get angry. But what you eat, smells good, so then excuse me for wanting to know what it is! My apologies for jumping on the table – I wasn’t the one making it so high!

Now then, I’m glad we understand each other.


His Catjesty