Badassness (with Irene Adler)

It seems like the stream of bad news hasn’t come to an end yet. As things turn out, I will be going to Russia on my own, with a delay of a month. On my own! A month too late! I’m only a little bit completely terrified.

There is a big upside though. If I survive this, nothing can scare me anymore. Without a doubt this will be the most badass thing I’ve ever done, maybe even the most badass thing I’ll ever do. Being badass is something good. I mean, the real badassness. Not the ‘look I can drink two bottles of vodka in an hour’ kind of badass. No, I mean the ‘I’m just going to do this shit’ kind of badass.

According to the Urban Dictionary, there are a few explanations as to what this ‘badass’ thing is. (I guess that counts for every word you can think of.) Here are some rules the dictionary presents us:

Unspoken Rules of Being Badass:
1. First rule of being a badass. A badass does not talk about being a badass. Period.

2. Second rule of being a badass, a badass does not try to be a badass or look tough. A badass simply is a badass.

3. A badass stays true to themselves, always. This means being themselves for themselves, and not being fake to impress others.

4. A badass does not give up. Badasses will always push themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets.

It seems that they aren’t so unspoken anymore, but okay. I’ve broken the first rule already, unfortunately. Does anyone else notice the movie reference I suspect here?
I’m doing a good job on the second one though. I don’t want to be badass! I’d much rather go together with a friend and on time to Russia! This is just a case of ‘I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me’.

And, if I’m bragging anyway, the fourth rule definitely fits as well. I have spent quite some time trying to get this shit done. If I get to go, it will be because of me, and not because of anyone else. I arranged it. I found out what we needed to do, and I did it. And even with the delay and sudden loss of company, I will still go. I don’t want to give up now. Not now, after everything I have done.

Luckily there are always examples when you need them. After recently having re-watched Sherlock Holmes, I have found Irene Adler a fitting example of old school badassness. Look at the clip, note this catchy soundtrack and enjoy the powah.

What’s this ‘Eve’ thing?

New Year’s Eve, let’s face it, is overrated. Everyone makes it sound as if it’s the best evening you’ll ever had, but in reality most cafes are closed and there isn’t much to do. My best NYE ever was on a bus. We didn’t plan that, but the bus was late so we ended up seeing all the fireworks on our way to a very lame party.
Now that is cool.

This year we had plans, but they kind of broke down in the end. So now I’ll spend this evening at home, thinking about 2013 and how this year has been. It was a year of more drinking and going out, it was the year of interesting courses, of disappointments, the year of a very crappy summer and the year of boring courses.

Overall I believe this year wasn’t very fun. Let’s hope 2014 will be worth it a lot more.

Next to that let’s forget my personal problem things. There have been two ‘events’ this year that I won’t forget.There’s the rising in Kyiv. I have been there a few months ago and now the people are trying to get what they want there – they want to belong to the EU. As a citizen of that EU I can understand that. It’s a peaceful rising and still it gets knocked down with violence. And it doesn’t seem to end. It’s a very sad thing, I feel for those people and I really hope they will get what they want – which is peace and a good life. I wish them all the best.

The second thing is the bombings in Russia. There have been two bombs in Volgograd in less than 24 hours. That’s madness. It broke my heart to hear this news. You’re talking about completely innocent people who are killed because of something. Which happens all the time, I know, but Russia is now somewhat closer to my heart. And it’s quite unexpected because this country isn’t in war. At the moment there are 34 casualties and still a lot of wounded people. In sincerely hope there won’t be any more casualties and I wish the people there, or anyone affected by this, a lot of courage and strength.

Let’s just not forget that every year again, we rack up the body count. That’s sad.

But still I wish all of you a year that’s better than 2013 has been! Much love, kittens and food, and  above all, much blogging!

Evil is the new sexy (part 3)

Ready for the last doses evilness? Then here we go! Make sure to read this  and this as well in case you can’t get enough of evil people.

First of all I’d like to apologize for repeating myself – there are some clips I keep on using, I know that. But in case you’ve missed them, you just get to see them again, and in case you’ve already seen them, feel free to skip those.
So here we go again for Anne Boleyn. I still find The Tudors an awesome series, and Anne Boleyn was so well played, amazing. But you must admit that in the beginning, we all hated her a bit. She was the cause of Katherine’s misery, how could we forgive that? After a while though, I couldn’t help but understand that it wasn’t even personal… She was kind of forced to seduce the king, and in the end she was left behind by everyone it seems.
Still, kinda evil. The way she talks about Katherine, and the way she talks to Mary… Ouch.

Thanks to Edita I also want to point out Lilith. She’s a sort of mythological figure, a female storm demon, bringing illness and death to the people. Not the best thing to be known of… In the Bible she’s depicted as a ‘night ghost’, and in the Jewish myths she sometimes appears as the first wife of Adam. She wouldn’t have been made of a part of his body, making her equal to him. That also caused her to require equal rights. They constantly fought about that until Lilith was fed up with that and called God. (She knew his secret name – useful!) Though God wanted her to return to Adam, she refused and wouldn’t give in. If that ain’t badass… In my opinion she was very right to do so. But okay.
It is said that the woman on the right of God in Michelangelo’s painting might be her. Who knows… I wonder if they have figured out who everyone on the painting is. Imagine that that is possible!

Back to more recent times, have you seen The Avengers? I haven’t, but apparently, girls were fond of Loki – though he’s the bad guy! So I felt like I sort of had to include him. When searching for a good clip starring him, I must say his voice sounded pretty nice… And well, a bad guy is always a bit more interesting than a good guy that spends his time saving kittens (though in the end, I’d choose the kittens guy, obviously – I love kittens).

As the last thing I’d like to show you – I know there are many others, but I can’t show them all unfortunately – I want to show you Death. Do you imagine Death wearing a yellow dress, smoking cigarettes? Could you imagine her on pointes, with classical music in the background?
If no, well, I didn’t picture her like that either, but now I do. If you think ballet is boring and nice, think again, because in Le Jeune Homme et La Mort (The Young Man and Death), the ballerina is a real femme fatale, toying with the young painter until he breaks down. She constantly pulls him closer, only to kick him away again, literally. Nonchalantly smoking she walks around and makes him go mad. He looks so broken…
Now, that is what I call evil. Death appears at 4:40, in case you want to skip to that part immediately. It’s impressive how she plays with that poor guy. And yes, they’re actually smoking on stage in this part. In part 2 (you can find it on YouTube, of course) she ends up tying his rope – whether she’s Death or a real woman that drives him insane, she’s the ultimate evil person and therefore a great end to this series.

Haikus are the Lowest Form of Puns

Whining on a wintery day

Is it winter again? No, it has to be spring (it hàs to be), but then why has it been raining the entire morning? Why did I have to cover up in plastic to not get all soaked and wet, and WHY am I wearing winter boots?
What is the world going to? We’re Belgium, we don’t have any rainforest, though we do own a lot of very green trees now, all covered in shattered clouds.
Well, actually the sun is shining now. But only now.

And I should be studying, because this Friday, I will have the last high school exams ever.
At least, if I pass. But I will.
I need to study though, and I’m not doing it right now. The first thing I did today after having had lunch (Wednesdays means only half a day of school here) was going to sleep again. I’m tired, I’m tired, and yet I don’t sleep at nights. I do, but not directly. I’m not tired when I have the chance to sleep.

Next to that, my brother is at home, he’s studying for his (way harder) exams too, so he needs the computer often, and that’s why I’ll be silent for the coming two weeks.

Any mental support will be mentally appreciated.

What Belgian youth talks about

When waiting at a red light, my friend and I heard this conversation behind us.

A: Oh my god, I found this guy on Facebook yesterday. I know him from surf camp four years ago. He hasn’t changed at all!
B: Woow. Is he pretty?
A: He is kinda cute.
B: Oh my god *continues talking*

Typical conversation for youth here. Sorry to disappoint you about us :).

Versatility- it’s mine!

Today is a happy day, for I have passed my theoretical driving exam. It’s not really the fact of having permission to practise driving now, but above all the fact that I don’t have to bear the cross of shame of not having passed. ‘Cause almost everyone passed. It would have been so … you know. Oh, and it was all for free and arranged. Could it be any better?
YES. It is better than you think, because a few days I also got a Versatility Blog Award! RFB got it once too, but this time it is for me and me alone. I do not know any better to thank Miss Audrey than to say ‘thank you’, so eerm, thank you! (Certainly have a look, she’s a pleasant writer with whom I have some things in common.)
Now,it’s up to me to nominate other blogs. The point is, when RFB got the Award, I already nominated most of you dear readers. Is it allowed to nominate people twice? But anyway, I’ll just nominate you again.
Of course most of you expect it, don’t you? Yes, I’m talking to you, Michael Cargill, Lily in Canada, Mooselicker, Motherventing! You’ve been nominated before. No big deal.
But there are some new ones I really need to award: A Gripping Life, The Hook  and Addie. And oh well, Staggering Genius too, for his (his, right?) good music taste and nice way of writing.
Am I forgetting someone? Am I? Do I even need to mention BrainRants? Like he doesn’t have enough success!
If I really forgot someone, I will discover it, just comment and I’ll apologise eternally and put your name here.

PS: Bitter is of course nominated too, but for the moment she is too busy to post. Still.

I almost forgot that I have to tell you seven random things about myself! Okay, consider what I said up above (look at it. now.) is number 1

2. I could eat French fries (that are Belgian, can’t repeat that enough!) all day long.

3. Even in combination with pina colada.

4. I mostly wear black, but it even bores me. Point is, I have a specific taste. I have told you about this, in the ‘How to judge in a second’ post. That’s what I do: ‘No’.

5. Sometimes, which is very often, I like animals more than people. And when they tell me about war, and I hear that even animals died, then you really hurt me. (I’m such a loner…)

6. I can speak four languages: Dutch, French, English, and German (let’s say I can speak German, although it’s not fluent.) Now you have to tell me which languages all of you speak. That’s an order.

7. I often have the idea people have the wrong idea of me. If you understand. How do you see me? I believe that my classmates see me as a rather silent, vain girl with weird ideas. I don’t think that that is entirely correct. But who am I to judge? I don’t even know myself.

Satisfied now? I may hope so, and congrats with the Great Award!

Where were you?

I was in a bus shelter. And you?

Bus shelter

There I was

What’s this?

As a former part or RFB, I decided to go solo. I was RFB A (that’s for Bitter), the one who mostly commented and the one who gave you the award if you got one. So, if you liked that, you will like me :). It was my brother who came up with this name, after I had tried a thousand things that were all taken, of course. So I have to thank him, for his ideas have lead to several good things. Not always, though :). Anyway! I will now go and comment on your blog and entertain you as much as possible.

Short & Random 2

I have a new morning habit: I try to dig my face in my pillow and act like I don’t have to rise. I don’t have to rise. I don’t have to rise. Plenty of time to sleep. I don’t have to rise.
Oh, I do.